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What is SMSystemAnalyzer.exe?

This article applies to:
  • System Checkup
  • System Mechanic 10
  • System Mechanic 10 PC TotalCare
  • System Mechanic 10 Professional
  • System Mechanic 9
  • System Mechanic 9 PC TotalCare
  • System Mechanic 9 Professional


What is SMSystemAnalyzer.exe?


SMSystemAnalyzer.exe is a critical applet associated with System Mechanic which runs in the background and performs several important tasks. It is designed to operate efficiently, requiring only a small memory footprint and minimal system resources to mitigate any system performance impact.

What does SMSystemAnalyzer.exe do?
Among many important things, SMSystemAnalyzer.exe performs the following critical operations:

  • Coordinating and launching all scheduled tasks that have been configured in System Mechanic to run on a regular, unattended basis.
  • Managing ongoing maintenance of System Mechanic’s historic data and undo information.
  • Collecting and analyzing deep system data when the PC is idle.

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