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I receive an “Access Violation” error message when I use various System Mechanic tools or functions.

This article applies to:
  • System Mechanic 10
  • System Mechanic 10 PC TotalCare
  • System Mechanic 10 Professional
  • System Mechanic 9
  • System Mechanic 9 PC TotalCare
  • System Mechanic 9 Professional


When I execute various tools and functions within System Mechanic, I receive an “Access Violation” error message referencing a System Mechanic component file.


An access violation message is generated as the result of an attempt by a process to access an area of he system’s memory that it does not own, have permission to access, or is locked by another application.

In some circumstances, System Mechanic can experience a conflict with another installed program, causing Windows to display an access violation message that references a System Mechanic component file. This message is a result of System Mechanic attempting to access a portion of the system that is locked or actively protected by another application, resulting in the error message.


Step 1.
When you have applications installed on a computer that perform similar functions, the chance of conflicts dramatically increases. To avoid such conflicts, disable all antivirus, firewall, anti-spyware, system protection, security suite, and pop-up blocking software and attempt to perform the function again.

Step 2.
Restart your computer into Windows Safe Mode and perform the function again. Restarting your computer in Safe Mode will boot the computer with the absolute minimum amount of processes and applications loaded into memory, which should result in a conflict-free environment for System Mechanic to operate in.

Step 3.
Special-case technical issues and rare incompatibilities that may result in access violations are occasionally discovered and reported to the System Mechanic engineering team for repair. When one or more issues are repaired, a downloadable product update is released.