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My iolo product is unable to connect to the Internet or authenticate during installation

This article applies to:
  • All iolo products


My iolo product is displaying a "Cannot connect to the Internet" or "Unable to Connect and Authenticate" message.


iolo technologies' products require access to the Internet during and after installation to verify service information. If an Internet connection is blocked by a firewall or cannot otherwise be established, this message will appear and product functionality will be suspended.


Problem: You are not connected to the Internet.

Solution: Establish a connection to the Internet and try again.

Problem: Third-party firewall software is blocking your iolo product from connecting to the Internet.

Solution: Disable any third-party firewall software, or adjust settings to allow the iolo product to connect to the Internet.

Note: If you believe your iolo product is being blocked by the Windows® Vista™ Firewall click here for more information.