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Disabling boot-time registry defragmentation in System Mechanic

This article applies to:
  • System Mechanic 10
  • System Mechanic 10 PC TotalCare
  • System Mechanic 10 Professional
  • System Mechanic 9
  • System Mechanic 9 PC TotalCare
  • System Mechanic 9 Professional

Step-by-step Instructions

    1. Open System Mechanic
    2. From the main navigation panel select ActiveCare>Automated Tasks.
    3. From the list of Tasks Performed Automatically locate the Automatically repair registry fragmentation problems option, and toggle the action button to Disabled.

    4. From the main navigation panel, select Toolbox (or Tools)>Individual Tools to display a list of tool categories.
    5. From the category list select Increase Performance, locate the Configure Boot-Time Defragmentation tool, then click the corresponding Start button.

    6. Select the System Files tab from the Configure Boot-Time Defragmentation wizard. Ensure that all option boxes are cleared. When you are finished click Exit.