Program Accelerator: Re-align Programs on the Hard Drive

To access:

From the Individual Tools pane, click Maximize Performance and then click Start next to Re-align Programs on the Hard Drive.

What it does:

Program Accelerator improves program launch speed and overall system responsiveness by re-aligning programs and their dependent files.

Note: Program Accelerator is designed to work with NTFS formatted hard drives. Drives using other file formats such as FAT16 and FAT32 are not recognized by this tool.

Why use it:

Over time, the many interdependent files that make up a program tend to drift apart and become scattered across the hard drive. This misalignment not only impacts the speed at which your programs can run, it also causes excessive movement of the hard drive, which leads to unnecessary wear-and-tear on your hardware.


Program Accelerator realigns these program files on the hard drive, resulting in programs that launch faster and respond more quickly.


The wizard has three screens to guide you through the process. Click a screen name below for more information:

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