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All-in-one Tools

To access:

Under Toolbox on the navigation bar, click All-in-one Tools.

What they do:

All-in-one tools incorporate the essential fixes and optimizations into one easy-to-use wizard, taking the guesswork out of computer maintenance and repair.


The following PowerTools™ are offered; click a link below for detailed instruction.





PC TotalCare

Combines the most critical repair, speed-boosting, cleanup, and protection tools into one wizard.

A complete tune-up that will improve the overall operation of your computer.

PC Accelerator

Runs all the essential speed-boosting tools at once to achieve maximum gains in performance.

Improved Web download rates; programs will work faster and with greater reliability.

PC Repair

Diagnoses and fixes errors in the registry, hard drives, software, and hardware.

Detection and repair of critical system problems.

PC Cleanup


Finds and removes the debris left behind by temporary files, cache files, untidy programs, and system freezes.

Elimination of unneeded clutter that can overtax a computer's resources.

PC Security

Protects the vital registry and repairs security flaws and vulnerabilities that leave computers open to attack.

Increased level of protection.

Specialized Tools

The following Specialized Tools are offered; click a link below for detailed instruction.


Specialized Tool



Total Registry Revitalizer

Keeps the vital registry protected, clean, and organized.

A complete approach to maintaining the registry, one of the most critical components of your PC.

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