Shortcut Repair: Repair Broken Shortcuts

To access:

From the Individual Tools pane, click Repair Problems and then click Start next to Repair Broken Shortcuts.

What it does:

The Repair Broken Shortcuts wizard searches your computer for broken shortcuts. Where a previously linked file is still on your computer, you can automatically update the shortcut with the new location, or you can choose to remove obsolete shortcuts you no longer need.

Why use it:

Broken shortcuts are a common consequence of regular computer usage. They easily become broken when the target location is moved or deleted. In addition to being unusable, broken shortcuts clutter your PC and unnecessarily overburden Windows processing.


The wizard has several screens to guide you through the process. Click a screen name below for more information:

  1. Operation Mode

  2. Options (Custom mode only)

  3. Find Broken Shortcuts

  4. Repair and Remove

Related tasks:

To have System Mechanic automatically repair broken shortcut when detected, enable Automatically repair broken shortcuts on the Automated Tasks pane.

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