Running Drive Medic from a Bootable CD/DVD

Drive Medic is an emergency repair system for severe drive damage, such as a computer that cannot start.


A bootable CD/DVD is used to start the Drive Medic DOS-based program. You can use the System Mechanic installation CD (if you purchased a CD) or use the bootable disc you created using the Repair an Unbootable PC wizard.

  1. Put the bootable disc in the CD/DVD drive.

  2. Start or restart your computer. The Drive Medic DOS-based program will automatically open.

If your computer starts as it normally does (meaning, you see the operating system booting) and you do not see Drive Medic loading, change your computer's BIOS so that the CD/DVD drive with the bootable disk is first in the boot sequence. Click here for more information on changing the boot order:

  1. A prompt will ask "Do you want to run Drive Medic?[Y, N]? Press the Y key and then Enter to run the program.

  2. The Welcome to Drive Medic, Disaster Recovery Console page will appear, click Next to continue.

  3. Select the hard drive you wish to recover, then select whether you would like to Examine the Master Boot Record of the hard drive, Examine the Partition Table Integrity, or both.

  4. The results of the tests will appear.  If errors are found you will be given the option to:

    Fix - Drive Medic will attempt to repair the corruption within your Master Boot Record and/or Partition Table so that your drive is operable and bootable again.
    Restore - Drive Medic will attempt to restore the last working configuration of your Master Boot Record and/or Partition Table so that your drive is operable and bootable again.  (Restoring may result in the loss of your most recent data.)

    When you have selected the repairs you wish to make, click Next to continue.

  5. Read the disclaimer that appears.  If you agree, select I understand and wish to continue, then click Next.

  6. A recovery summary will display which will inform you whether the repairs were successful.  Click Finish, remove the disc from your drive, then click Restart to complete the process.

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