Configure System Shield Settings window

Real-time tab

Overview of the Settings window

Real-time protection continuously runs behind the scenes to scan your computer for viruses and spyware. The Real-time tab allows you to turn real-time protection on or off and change various settings.


Click a field name below for instructions; to the right of each field name is a brief description of the functionality.

Enable Real-time Protection

Turn real-time protection on or off.

The remaining options are available when real-time protection is enabled:

Set Actions for Infected Data


When an infected file is found:

When an infected archive is found:

Set the action System Shield takes when an infected file or archive file is found.


To edit or reorder the actions, click Change. The options are Quarantine, Rename, and Delete.

Control Display of Notifications


Display a message when an infection is found

Show or hide Infection Blocked messages.

Specify What to Scan


Scan hard drives

Scan floppy drives

Scan CD-ROM drives

Scan network drives

Set which drive types are scanned.


By default, all of these check boxes are selected and all of these drive types are scanned.

Scan archives (e.g., .zip, .cab, .arj)

Archive recursion levels

Scan packed executables

Set whether compressed archives and packed executables should or should not be included in scans.


By default, both check boxes are selected and archives/packed executables are included in scanning.  

Excluded folders

Excluded files

Excluded file masks

Included file masks

Exclude specific folders, files, and file masks (examples of file masks) from scanning, or include specific file masks in scanning.


To make changes or view existing entries, click Change.

Advanced Settings


Use artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence looks for various behaviors and coding patterns that viruses and spyware commonly use.


This process can stop brand-new infections that are not yet a part of a virus or spyware definition. However, while this feature is enabled it can slow scanning and lead to false positives.

Detect macro variants

A macro variant is a new virus that borrows code from other known viruses.

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