NetTuner: Customize Advanced Internet Settings (Windows XP only)

To access:

From the Individual Tools pane, click Manage System Configuration and then click Start next to Customize Advanced Internet Settings.

What it does:

The Customize Advanced Internet Settings window allows advanced users and system administrators to edit Internet and network settings.

Why use it:

This tool can help the power user achieve the most efficient Internet speeds. You can modify advanced network settings and experiment with different configurations for testing.


Change settings

  1. From the Optimization Categories pane, select a category. The configurable options for a selected category will display on the right-side of the window. The on-screen text provides details about each option.

  2. The Configure fields allow you to change settings for a selected option. Change any settings as desired. You can also:

  1. Click Apply to save your changes.

Change settings in bulk

The buttons across the top of the window allow you to change all settings at once:

Create profiles

A profile is a snapshot of the current settings. With profiles, you can experiment with different configurations and load different scenarios to help you achieve the best results.


To save or load a profile, click Profiles. Refer to Profiles Window for more information.


When you are finished, you can do one of the following:

  1. Click OK to save your changes and return to the Home page.

  2. Click Cancel if you want to disregard changes (made since the last time you clicked Apply) and return to the Home page.

  3. Click the Close icon (X) at the top of the screen to close System Mechanic.