iolo Premium Services Device Support

Detail of What is Covered

PC Setup
  • Setup of old/new desktop
  • Help with software/hardware usage
  • Setup internet connection/Firewall/Security Software
Legacy Systems
  • Support for legacy operating systems like Windows 98/Me/2000
  • Support for legacy hardware devices like Floppy drives/old printers etc.
  • Assistance in upgrading from legacy OS to a newer/latest OS version
Digital Cameras
  • Setup of digital camera with your PC
  • Support for transferring data from camera to PC or vice-versa
  • Support for printing photos from digital camera
MP3 Players
  • Setup of MP3 player with your PC
  • Support for transferring data from player to PC or vice-versa
  • Playlist synchronization
  • Setup/installation
  • Configuring/sharing of printer
  • Support for various printer errors
  • Support for network setup
  • Support file and printer sharing on a network
  • Troubleshooting network related issue like sharing, configuration, port forwarding etc.
  • Setup of new smartphone
  • Synchronization of data with PC
  • Mail setup on handheld device
PC Security
  • Configuring firewalls
  • Configuring security software
  • Configuring ports on routers etc. to enhance security
Vista Support
  • Support for Vista system for first time use
  • Network setup
  • Parental control setup
  • Support for configuring Windows defender and other security software
Windows Operating System Support
  • Re-installation of OS
  • Upgrade to different version of Windows
  • Repair blue screen error messages
  • Repair .dll or other startup messages related to Windows
Email Clients Support
  • New mail account setup
  • Errors related to MS outlook/outlook express/entourage etc.
  • Set and configuration of various third party Email clients like:- Incredimail, Thunderbird, Opera etc.
MAC Support
  • New MAC setup
  • Internet issues
  • Network issues
  • Email configuration etc.
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