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Introducing System Mechanic 9.5

Performance Focus: Memory Mechanic®

System Mechanic 9.5 is the most effective version yet of the #1 best selling PC tune-up product. With this new version, iolo engineers worked hand in hand with iolo Labs researchers to push PC performance to even greater limits.

Along with multiple exciting new features, version 9.5 includes hundreds of powerful enhancements designed to fix and speed up your PC like never before!

This week's article focuses on the enhanced Memory Mechanic tool, which has been reengineered to turbocharge Windows by defragmenting and recovering system RAM up to twice as quickly and effectively as before. We invite you to stay tuned™ by both upgrading to version 9.5, and keeping an eye on your inbox for more stories as they arrive (if you haven't signed up for iolo news delivery you can do so here).


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Memory Mechanic®: Liberate memory held captive by bloated programs

We all know computers get slower over weeks, months, and years of use, but have you ever noticed how your PC starts off faster after a fresh restart, but then gets increasingly sluggish the same day, sometimes after only a few minutes of use?

The reason is twofold: memory fragmentation, and memory leaks, and System Mechanic 9.5 has the answer to these annoying idiosyncrasies.

iolo has known for years that within just a few minutes of use, system memory (RAM) can become just as fragmented as a hard drive that has undergone weeks or months of abuse. Just as a fragmented drive causes severe performance decline and even system instability, disjointed memory can have the same effect. Worse, fragmentation of memory isn't the only thing users must deal with as programs are started, used, closed, and restarted on a busy PC.

Memory Defrag

Memory Mechanic shows you a real-time picture of the memory
defragmentation process as it occurs.

This type of normal daily activity exposes systems to what software technicians call "memory leaks", which occur when a program exclusively reserves memory for itself, but then forgets to release it after it is finished. Memory leaks can confuse the operating system, which is left in a state where it can't release the previously reserved resources, even though the original program no longer needs them.

It is common humor among software engineers that all programs have memory leaks, but that they are so small the user never notices. The flaw in this logic is that while perhaps one program's memory leak may go unnoticed, dozens or hundreds of programs all operating simultaneously can represent a truly devastating effect on performance as they quickly drain the PCs precious resources.

System Mechanic's Memory Mechanic tool is designed to not only reassemble your RAM into neat, contiguous order for significant performance gains, but also hunt down and release all of the resources that are being held captive by memory leaks within sloppy programs. As any computer expert will agree, more memory means faster performance, and Memory Mechanic delivers both.

Now in System Mechanic 9.5, Memory Mechanic has been reengineered to work up to 85% faster, and to find and release up to 25% more memory leaks, resulting in even greater performance benefits than before. In addition, iolo Labs has discovered a new and improved technical approach to memory defragmentation that completely eliminates the short pause that users of prior versions experienced while the system rebuilds its memory allocation after the operation was complete.

Defrag Results

After the defragmentation process is complete, the amount of memory recovered is shown, and your PC feels immediately more responsive.

System Mechanic 9.5: The Next Generation of PC Tune-up

40+ Tools Plus Tune-up Definitions™

New System Mechanic 9.5 is like having both the best PC Tune-up tool set and the smartest team of PC experts working together inside your PC. With new Tune-up Definitions, you get the best product on the market and a direct connection to the experts who know how to use it -- in the same package.

Not only have System Mechanic's complete set of automated tune-up tools been upgraded in version 9.5, they are now even more "fully informed" with Tune-up Definitions, the latest expert knowledge updates from iolo Labs, iolo technologies' research arm.

With Tune-up Definitions, System Mechanic constantly gains knowledge about which specific programs, services, known bloatware, software updates, startup applications, or other system changes are slowing down or destabilizing your PC.

Tune-up Definitions keep the master Tune-up Database on your PC up-to-date to give System Mechanic access to up-to-the-minute custom repairs and optimizations recommended by technicians at iolo Labs. Now, boost your PC's performance even further than has ever been possible and keep it precision tuned forever, automatically.

Complete All-in-one Tune-up

Light years beyond single-tool solutions such as "registry cleaners" or one-size-fits all "utilities", award-winning System Mechanic has been ranked the most effective and safest PC Tune-up software by leading computer magazines, newspapers, radio, and TV tech shows. No other tune-up program or service has been lab-tested to make your PC start as fast, respond as quickly, perform as smoothly, and run as error-free as System Mechanic does.

Customers and Critics Rate System Mechanic #1

"Powerful and non-intrusive, better than Norton."Jay J., New Hampshire

"Simply fabulous! Fixed my desktop and laptop."Sharon J., United Kingdom

"Light on System resources..."Mark S., Colorado

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