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Translate License Information to Spelling Alphabet

Often when working with a combination of letters and numbers, it can be difficult to distinguish certain characters. For example, the number 0 and the letter O look very similar. This page can help you determine the correct characters in the User ID and Activation Key (Serial Number) for your iolo product.

1) From the email that you received with licensing information, copy the User ID or the Activation Key (Serial Number) and paste it into the applicable field below. You can paste in both values or just one.

2) Click Spell It. A page will open that displays a spelled out, phonetic listing of the characters; for example, "O as in Oscar" will be distinguished from "Zero".

User ID:

Activation Key (Serial Number):

More licensing assistance:

If you do not have your licensing information in an email (for example, you purchased your iolo product from a retail store) or need further help, the following Knowledge Base articles provide guidelines and tips on entering accurate licensing information.