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Lost your licensing information?

If you purchased your product directly from iolo technologies or registered it using our online registration system, you can retrieve your licensing information instantly by entering the email address used at the time of purchase or registration below and click “Lookup”.

Email Address *

If you purchased your product from a third-party Web site or retail store but never registered the product online with iolo technologies, you will need to provide iolo with proof of purchase so that we can generate new licensing information for you.


Locate a copy of either your original purchase receipt or a credit card statement that clearly shows a record of the iolo technologies product purchase.


Fax or mail a copy of this information to iolo technologies Customer Support department, including a cover letter explaining that you are providing proof of purchase. For the iolo technologies Customer Support fax number and mailing address, click here.


Make sure to provide us with the following contact information so that we can create a new customer record for you:

Your full name
Mailing address
Email address
Daytime telephone number
The product and version you purchased
Where you purchased it

After we have received and reviewed your information, you will receive your licensing information by email or an iolo technologies representative will be in contact with you to request further information by either phone or email.