Choose Between Two System Scan Modes with System Mechanic

The System Mechanic® main Dashboard now offers you two different ways to analyze your system for issues affecting speed, stability or security.

Quick Scan is a fast, effective way to declutter your machine and fix basic security issues such as stored browser passwords or Windows® data-collection permissions you may be assenting to unknowingly. Quick Scan will discover any critical problems that are slowing you down.

Deep Scan reaches even further into the Windows operating system, adding hard drive defragmentation, registry cleanup, advanced broadband adjustments, and bloatware detection.

Quick Scan:

  • Frees trapped RAM for more speed when you need it
  • Removes Windows and internet junk that slows you down
  • Protects your PC by patching security holes
  • Alerts you of any compromised privacy settings
  • Finds browser-stored passwords vulnerable to hacking
  • Checks for internet connectivity issues

Deep Scan does all that plus:

  • Finds registry clutter that can confuse and slow down the OS
  • Adjusts hidden broadband settings to unleash even more speed
  • Locates resource-draining bloatware
  • Defrags your PC’s hard drive for faster application launches

System Mechanic Deep Scan

System Mechanic Quick Scan

These are the tools that run in System Mechanic Deep Scan:

  • Memory Mechanic
  • Internet Cleanup
  • Windows Cleanup
  • Registry Cleanup
  • Security Optimizer
  • Privacy Shield
  • Stored Passwords Check
  • NetBooster
  • Repair Internet Connection
  • Startup Optimizer
  • Disk Defragmenter

After the system analysis completes, Repairs and Recommendations are offered so you can decide which actions to take. To review more details in each result, click the dropdown arrows to show current options:

Choose Deep or Quick Scan depending on how far into the OS you want System Mechanic to dig looking for new optimizations. Whether you choose Quick or Deep Scan, System Mechanic is your way to a safer, faster Windows computing experience—and one as automated or customized as you wish it to be.

Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.