To access:


See the Updates pane on the middle, right side of the Home page.

What it does:

The Updates pane allows you to download software updates for iolo AntiVirus. Software updates include updated virus definitions and any product improvements, revisions, and patches. (These differ from product upgrades, which are newer versions of the product.)

letter.gif Note: An open Internet connection is required; to check for updates and then download them, you must connect to iolo's Internet server.

You can also view your version and licensing information and customize settings for how you connect to iolo's Internet server.


To follow are descriptions of the links in the pane and the status messages that display on the top of the pane.



One of the following links will also display, depending on the status of your software:

  • Check for updates

  1. Click Check for updates to have the system connect to iolo's Internet server and check for any software updates.

  2. A Checking for updates window displays.

  3. The check is complete when the window closes. If any updates are available, the Download now link displays.

  • Download now

Click Download now to download updates.

  • Retry

The Retry link displays if you tried to connect to the iolo's Internet server and the connection failed.

You can click Retry to try to connect to again.

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Status Messages

One of the following messages will display on the top of the Updates pane. These messages indicate the status of your software and whether any checks have been made for updates.

  • Up-to-date

The Up-to-date message indicates that you are running the latest version of iolo AntiVirus with current virus definitions.

You can click Check for updates at any time.

  • Update available

The Update available message indicates that software updates are available.

Click Download now to download the updates.

  • Could not connect

The Could not connect message displays if you attempted to connect to the Internet and the connection failed.

Common connectivity issues include the Internet connection is not on or the proxy settings area incorrect.

Click Retry to try to connect to iolo's Internet server again.

letter.gif Note: On startup, pane initially displays expanded and shows all the detail. You can toggle between hiding and showing this detail.

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