System Mechanic®

Clean, stabilize and speed up your PC.

Clean, stabilize and speed up your PC with System Mechanic

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10-Time Winner of PC Magazine
Editors’ Choice Award

Clean, stabilize and speed up your PC with System Mechanic

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PC Health Check

In minutes, you’ll get a personalized report detailing any problems found, plus a list of recommended fixes.

System Mechanic® PC MAG Editors Choice 10-Time Winner

Clean, stabilize and speed up your PC.

Get Your FREE PC Health Check
In minutes, you’ll get a personalized report detailing
any problems found, plus a list of recommended fixes.

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Get Your FREE PC Health Check

Having PC Problems?

Having PC Problems?

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Community Feedback

- Carolyn R., Saint Louis, MO

Very pleased with System Mechanic. It gives me peace of mind to know it's keeping my computer in shape.

- Said A., Staten Island, NY

Everything is running smooth and back to normal now!

- Patty M., Parkton, MD

I run System Mechanic frequently to keep my system clean. It is fast and easy. Works great.

- James E., Indianapolis, IN

Keeps my computer running in the best possible way.

- Lorenzo B., Detroit, MI

The best system cleaning software i have ever used.

- Jason O., Kingman, AZ

The software is effective and ease of use is top notch! This is by far the best software I've come across in 8 years.

- Frank B., La Palma, CA

Easy to use and complete system scan and repair!

- Dallas T., Sacramento, CA

This is the best product I have ever purchased for my laptop. I can't tell you how amazing it is to get my computer back into shape!

- Tom P., Bothell, WA

It catches and fixes registry errors effortlessly - this can be difficult for novice users.

- Omar M., Huntington Beach, CA

Great features that really speed up the computer.

- N J., Maple Grove, MN

If you like speed, you will love System Mechanic; never surf without it.

- Rodney H., Oneonta, NY

I absolutely love this product! I highly recommend it. It has improved the overall performance of my computer so much!

- Steven R., Barrington, IL

I like the ability to view the problems or just have the software take action on its own.

- David W., Pittsburgh, PA

Excellent product for ease of use and my computer working faster!

- Margie H., Brunswick, ME

I love love love this product. I haven't had any issues with my computer since installing it 5 years ago. BEST program hands down!

- Enrique F., Naguabo, Puerto Rico

iolo System Mechanic is the best of the best.

- Anthony C., Baltimore, MD

Hands down the best computer software on the market for cleaning and speeding up your computer, bar none.

- Vince F., Seattle, WA

Excellent product.

- Richard C., Barrhead, Canada

I trust System Mechanic and would recommend it to anyone. It's so easy to download, upgrade and use.

- Stan S., Kuttawa, KY

Gives me a level of confidence in my hardware and software that I had not enjoyed before System Mechanic.


What’s Under the Hood

What's Under the Hood
  • Over 50 proven and powerful tools and functions
  • Advanced patented technology
  • Fixes over 30,000 PC problems and errors

Press Reviews

TechRadar“System Mechanic will noticeably improve your PC's performance.”

– TechRadar

Laptop Magazine“Best software for PC repair due to its ability to blend power and simplicity.”

– Laptop Magazine

Tom's Guide“Even advanced users can get some use out of System Mechanic.”

– Tom's Guide

PC Magazine“System Mechanic is a slick suite of tune-up tools that can dramatically improve your PC’s performance.”

– PC Magazine

MSN Tech Today“The difference that System Mechanic makes in PC performance is incredible.”

– MSN Tech Today

Real Simple Magazine“System Mechanic will automatically clean up your PC to keep it up to speed.”

– Real Simple Magazine

USA Today"You'll notice a difference just by running the software"

– USA Today

New York Times"an easy, painless way to keep a PC in shape."

– New York Times

CNet"one of the most complete, effective, and easy-to-use tune-up utilities"

– CNet