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Clean, stabilize and speed up your PC.

System Mechanic 15.5

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In minutes, you’ll get a personalized report detailing any problems found, plus a list of recommended fixes.

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Clean, stabilize and speed up your PC.

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Get Your FREE PC Health Check
In minutes, you’ll get a personalized report detailing
any problems found, plus a list of recommended fixes.

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Get Your FREE PC Health Check

Having PC Problems?

Having PC Problems?

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Community Feedback

- Maika H., New Providence, NJ

System Mechanic has given new life to our desktop computer!

- Joshua L., Fort Wayne, IN

I am very satisfied with this product. I would definitely refer this to a friend.

- Robert D., Raymond, WA

Very easy to install and very user friendly. You get a lot of protection for your money.

- Don M., Westbank, Canada

After running System Mechanic there is a noticeable speed increase. Thanks!

- James M., Rockville, MD

I am very satisfied with this product.

- Leon L., Hingham, MA

Great product that allows for scanning of certain drives if you suspect that you have been infected.

- Neil R., Guelph, Canada

Love the program. Easy to download. Easy to use.

- Robert A., San Diego, CA

Great product!

- Eva B., Bloomfield, MO

I have used System Mechanic for quite a few years and have no problems with my computers since.

- Sandra E., Pittsburgh, PA

I am not very tech savvy and this has kept my system running very smoothly. I would never be without it.

- Michael L., Denver, CO

I'm completely satisfied that System Mechanic Pro is equal to or better than the virus protection recommended by my laptop manufacturer.

- Allan W., Clydebank, UK

Does what it says it will do and doesn't give you any hassle.

- Scott B., Auburn, CA

System Mechanic Pro is the best and easiest computer defense I've ever had!

- Neil rajan S., Cincinnati, OH

I think this is a great service with a relatively low cost. Thank you again.

- Gerald B., ,

The product just makes life so much easier keeping systems running at peak performance - it's just incredible.

- Greg T., Pittsford, MI

Great product! My desktop runs a lot better now.

- John J., Manchester, UK

Although I have tested other products on a regular basis, I still haven't found anything to match this excellent product.

- Barry J., Philadelphia, PA

Since day one when I first bought this product I was hooked and you haven't failed me.

- Janet C., Woodside, NY

Clears up any problems my PC has and makes it run faster. I'm a satisfied customer.

- Robie F., Melbourne, FL

The software was thorough and it improved this old Dell far better than I thought was possible. Thanks!


What’s Under the Hood

What's Under the Hood
  • Over 50 proven and powerful tools and functions
  • Advanced patented technology
  • Fixes over 30,000 PC problems and errors

Press Reviews

TechRadar“System Mechanic 14 will noticeably improve your PC's performance.”

– TechRadar, 2014

Laptop Magazine“Best software for PC repair due to its ability to blend power and simplicity.”

– Laptop Magazine, 2014

Tom's Guide“Even advanced users can get some use out of System Mechanic.”

– Tom's Guide, 2014

PC Magazine“System Mechanic is a slick suite of tune-up tools that can dramatically improve your PC’s performance.”

– PC Magazine, 2014

MSN Tech Today“The difference that System Mechanic makes in PC performance is incredible.”

– MSN Tech Today, 2013

Real Simple Magazine“System Mechanic will automatically clean up your PC to keep it up to speed.”

– Real Simple Magazine, 2013

USA Today"You'll notice a difference just by running the software"

– USA Today, 2012

New York Times"an easy, painless way to keep a PC in shape."

– New York Times, 2010

CNet"one of the most complete, effective, and easy-to-use tune-up utilities"

– CNet, 2009