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System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Review

iolo has given its PC performance and security suite a total overhaul, and the results are impressive. Each component is effective and simple to use, and they combine to create a package that’s even more than the sum of its parts.


System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Review

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense provides PC performance optimization, system cleaning and protection against malicious attacks. This program helps prevent PC crashes, freezes and poor performance with two simple steps: 1. System Mechanic cleans up junk files and shortcuts from your hard drive to free up space 2. System Mechanic removes registry errors that slow down your PC.


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System Mechanic Review

Iolo System Mechanic’s evolution from tune-up utility to an all-around PC enhancer is one that you shouldn’t overlook. Plus, you get unlimited licenses, which can go a long way to justifying the cost if you have a lot of PCs in your household.


System Mechanic Review

System Mechanic is a quick, simple way to clear unwanted files from your PC and give it a noticeable performance boost.


System Mechanic Review

System Mechanic is a simple way to give your PC a basic clean-up, and its detailed scans and scheduling options are a cut above many rival programs.


Q&A with Studio 61

When you type “Why is my” into Google, one of the first auto-complete options is “…computer so slow.” The question is one that thousands of PC users ask every day, so it’s fair to say that performance lag is a significant complaint.

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System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Review

There are different gradients of danger, ranging from targeted marketing to identity theft and beyond, but once your data is accessible, you’re vulnerable to all of them. Thankfully, there are ways to take inventory of your network security and keep your personal information from falling into someone else’s hands.

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System Mechanic was developed by iolo, a U.S. company creating computer optimization tools since 1998. Customers can purchase these separately or opt for the company’s suite to enjoy the full package, which includes the registry cleaner. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense runs remarkably well and is an outstandingly complete and user-friendly suite.

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System Mechanic Ultimate Defense…is a PC security and optimization tool that is ideal for those who perform high-performance work on a PC such as programming, animation, video production, and CAD!

“Do Not Track blockers may fail to pick up on some activity. To strengthen security when it comes to tracking cookies, you can turn to Privacy Guardian. Made by the same guys who came up with System Mechanic.”

The best system utilities and repair software makes it simple and easy to help make your business computers run more smoothly and faster.

System Mechanic is a performance optimization tool for personal and commercial use created by iolo Technologies. In our System Mechanic review, you’ll find all the details you need to choose the software package that will serve you best.

System Mechanic Professional is an amazingly comprehensive tool that provides everything you’ll need to clean, speed up, repair and secure your PC.

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iolo System Mechanic is software that uses behavior monitoring techniques to remove the malware. The tool helps you to search and destroy malicious software programs.

What is iolo's Whole Home License?

The Whole Home License® is iolo’s licensing policy that allows you to install and keep your software running on all of your compatible devices within the same home. Previously, users were allowed to install and license their iolo software simultaneously on a maximum of three PCs. Under the Whole Home License, a single activation key allows you to use your iolo software on all of your PCs, other than any PCs you use for business purposes. What you need to know about Whole Home Licensing

  • You, your spouse, and your relatives living within the same household may use the same license on any number of PCs that you own which are not used for business.
  • For full legal terms and conditions, see

To install your iolo product on additional PCs:

  1. On the additional computer, download the latest version of your iolo product. Choose from the list of downloads offered here.
  2. Follow the steps in the installation wizard, and enter the same Activation Key that you used to install on your original computer.

You can view the Activation Key on the original computer from within System Mechanic > red menu bar > key icon > Activation Key.