How Helpful are PC Health Checks?

As computers age, it is more and more important to pay attention to overall health. A computer becomes bogged down by a variety of issues as time goes on. When it looks like it is really starting to lose functionality to a certain degree, a PC health check is a way to figure out the next steps.

Many people come to to figure out what they need to do to speed the computer back up. We offer a free checkup that is safe, accurate, and easy to use. From there, you can take the next steps towards getting their computer back to where they need it.

Is it worth getting a PC health check for everyone? What else is there to know about this type of maintenance and repair? Those still unsure about everything that goes into a computer health check can quickly learn all the different benefits.

What exactly is a PC health check?

Just like people going to a doctor to get a regular health check, computers can benefit from this same type of maintenance. With the right tools, a PC health check will run through a few different tests to identify anything that could be slowing down a computer. Computers can start to act differently for a variety of reasons, and a check like this will examine the most common solutions.

Traditionally, most people relied on a computer repair shop or something similar to get a computer checked out and see how things are working. That is no longer needed, as users can download System Checkup™ at home.

What do tests check?

Many different things could go wrong with a computer. While a manual diagnosis could take a long time and proved to be fairly frustrating, having everything automated makes life a lot easier. In just a short amount of time, a check can identify exactly what is going on. These are just a few of the major checks done by the software.

Software and driver exams

Every third-party software or driver on a computer could be causing issues. In some cases, they simply need an update. In other cases, anything that is mostly unused can get in the way. If there is software or drivers that have remained untouched for years, it might be time to get rid of them.

Antivirus and malware protection

Downloading anything to help fight against viruses and malware should be helpful, not something that gets in the way. Too often, it becomes frustrating when something meant to help is now out of date and causing problems. It might be a pretty simple fix, but something that needs to be done to turn things around.

Once antivirus and malware protection is back up to date, they can be extremely valuable for those who want to keep their computer in excellent working order. Some will stick with what they already have, while others might take this opportunity to upgrade to something a little more effective.

Hardware checks

Hardware can fail from time to time, and there are a few vulnerabilities in particular that a health check will help out with. All the normal parameters are examined in this situation. Some hardware repairs can prove to be costly, but it’s better to know what is needed now instead of letting it get more and more out of hand.

Registry errors

This is a big one that not too many people know a ton about, but registry errors can pop up all the time. With so much information on the computer’s registry, errors pop up way too often.

Fortunately, there are utilities like System Mechanic® that help automate fixing registry errors as much as possible. Having a dependable solution in that regard can reduce stress significantly.

Startup issues

There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with a computer that is slow to start up. It can sometimes get to the point that it just does not seem to boot up at all without going through a bunch of different potential issues. A health check can examine any of the startup files or programs that might be failing at the moment.

Installing necessary software and other updates

On some occasions, a computer can benefit from having software installed. A health check will be able to examine exactly what needs to be installed, instead of adding a bunch of domains and hoping for the best. As long as the person installs relevant software, it is going to benefit the computer overall.

Full report

Visual learners will love having access to a full report after going through a PC health check. Just like a person does not want to go to the doctor and not know what they did or the mechanic and not know what their car went through, it is better to know exactly what is causing computer problems. Having access to that information helps tremendously, and information can come in handy as a way to get a diagnosis later on if issues return.

Is it still worth going to a repair shop or sending a computer away for repairs?

While we offer one of the best PC health check options on the internet today, we can’t fix any and all computer issues with one download. There will be certain situations where a user will find that their computer needs physical repairs to get everything back into working order.

At times, our software can identify these issues, but that is not always the case. If the computer seems to be working fine and is suffering from some hidden issues that are slowing the computer down, it is always worth getting a free check first. Any repair shop that takes the computer apart or starts to do extensive work will charge money, even if they do not find anything they can fix.

After getting a PC health check, what products make the most sense?

Every report comes with recommendations on what might need fixed to improve computer performance. At iolo, we offer several products that can help with any of the major issues a person might face. A few of the products we offer are below.

System Mechanic

System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense™, System Mechanic Pro®, and System Mechanic are all effective solutions to speed up your computers and prevent future slowdown with regular maintenance. These products are also capable of fixing everything automatically for ease of use.

Over 80 million computers have been repaired with System Mechanic. It helps to clean out any clutter slowing down the computer, removing duplicate files, unused programs, bloatware, and other nagging issues.

Privacy Guardian

Some computers start to slow down because of issues picked up online. To ensure that the online experience is as smooth as possible, Privacy Guardian™, a feature in System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, can help with overall protection on the Internet. This fights new, aggressive forms of tracking such as fingerprinting, clears invasive cookies, helps protect against identity theft, and lets you browse anonymously without handing over data to companies.

Not only is Privacy Guardian a great option to have to keep a computer safe, but it keeps users safe in general. Privacy issues are becoming a real problem online, and there is nothing more frustrating than feeling vulnerable every single time on the internet.

Malware Killer

It is a problem nobody wants to hear. Malware is sometimes extremely dangerous, and a computer needs treatment right away after identifying anything harmful. Also a part of System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, Malware Killer™ is one of the best options out there in helping with scanning, repairing, and blocking malware from problems ever coming back.

If a computer has had malware problems in the past, leaving it unprotected is a very challenging situation. It does not take much for malware to cause serious damage, and it can sometimes become irreversible in extreme scenarios. Having a malware killer installed and constantly fighting against threats can give people peace of mind.

System Shield

Another very popular option to fight against the constant threat of viruses is System Shield®, available in both System Mechanic Pro and System Mechanic Ultimate Defense. As soon as it is installed for the first time, it can help to remove as many infections on the computer as possible. From there, it protects in real-time to ensure that the computer stays spyware free. Having protection around the clock makes it that much easier to use a computer in confidence.

Search and Recover

Have you ever accidentally deleted files or lost precious photos and videos you meant to keep? A feature in System Mechanic Pro and System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, Search and Recover™ is the perfect solution for those who might have lost hope that they can salvage something they lost.

The entire process is set up to make everything as simple as possible. In just a few clicks, a file that seemed permanently deleted can be restored and enjoyed once again.


While sometimes you need to recover files, there are other situations in which you’ll want to erase data permanently. Also a part of both Pro and System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, DriveScrubber® is the perfect solution for that, as it can permanently get rid of files that are causing errors and crashes on the computer. It also helps with privacy and security so that sensitive data never appears again.

This comes in handy for anyone who shares a computer with someone else. Also, it helps people planning on getting rid of their old computer by selling online. Anyone who has sensitive information and wants it gone can also benefit from DriveScrubber as a way to not have to worry anymore about files reappearing.

Are there other ways to get help during a PC health check?

On, we make sure that customers have as much help as possible at their fingertips. No matter how you choose to learn, questions can be answered in a short amount of time.

For the most direct answers, there are two levels of support. The free product support answers questions about our products. Premium support called LiveTech can help you solve virtually any device issue, from printer and other device driver issues, to setting up video conferencing for remote work.

There is a knowledge base on that helps with generic questions that others have asked in the past. This is a passive way to get more information on computer health checks overall, as well as potential remedies. New information is added to the knowledge base all the time, and it helps cut down on the need to contact someone at the call center.

Finally, there is a chat service available for those who can’t currently talk on the phone. A lot of questions can be answered through the chat, allowing people to get everything in working order and go from there.

Our help is geared towards making sure that people fully understand the results of their PC health check, and also know what products might work best in making repairs. It is better to fully understand what needs to be purchased before spending a lot of money on different products. Some products might not help at all for a specific issue.

How much money does a person need to spend after a PC health check?

Most people assume that a free PC health check comes with a catch. While there are times when people do need to spend money based on what the report shows, there are specific issues that are entirely free to fix as well.

There are some instances where a computer needs dusted and cleaned to improve performance. Maybe a computer is overheating too quickly because a fan is blocked. Taking care of simple issues like that do not cost a dime.

Minor issues might also prove to be fixable without spending any money. We offer a free version of System Mechanic, and those who have minor issues might be able to fix things with that version only. This is just one reason why it is worth being proactive about fixes instead of waiting until things get too slow with the computer.

If you need to fix your computer, we offer very affordable products that end up saving people money in the long run. Our repair options are much more affordable than any repair service you’d find locally, and it is more convenient as well. We spent a long time making sure that everything we offer brings value to the table.

More significant computer issues might require a few different solutions that start to add up as far as costs are concerned. This usually only comes into play if there are no other options. It is still better to invest in a few utilities that can help instead of having to replace an entire computer.

Finally, there are some instances where a user might find that their computer is suffering from so many issues and is too old to stay in great overall shape. If a computer seems like it will take too much to repair entirely, the recommendation might be to upgrade to a brand new computer. It is not the news that a lot of people want to hear, but it sometimes makes the most sense if the computer has been through a lot at this point.

When is the best time to get a PC health check?

Even if a computer is showing no real signs of slowing down, it is worth getting a general health check at least once a year. This way, a user might be able to identify problems that are starting to creep up. As one example, if there are a lot of unused files piling up on the registry, it is worth getting rid of them earlier instead of waiting until they cause a computer to slow down.

Those who have current computer issues should get a PC health check a little more frequently. The initial diagnosis can prove to be very beneficial, as it provides virtually instant answers so that people can make smart decisions from there. After some fixes and time passes on, they can start to run additional PC health checks later on to compare reports.

Older computers can notice quite a few slowdowns as time goes on. Doing a health check a few times a year, or whenever necessary, makes the most sense.

Thinking about needing a PC health check now? Our free PC health check solution is the best way to get a computer back into its best shape.

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