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Knowledge Base

Product Support

System Mechanic

System Mechanic Minimum System Requirements

System Mechanic Professional Minimum System Requirements

Why has System Shield blocked a virus that I cannot find in the Threat Database?

Introducing System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense™

How to Install and Activate System Mechanic

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Malware Killer

How Do I Install and Activate Malware Killer?

Malware Killer Frequently Asked Questions

Disabling promotional messages in Malware Killer


Getting Started with ByePass Android

Install ByePass in Microsoft Edge Chromium

ByePass Will Not Let Me Add More Than 5 Accounts

ByePass Frequently Asked Questions

Adding Secure Credit Cards and Notes to ByePass

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Product Activation

How do I activate my System Mechanic product with an Activation Key?

I receive an Error 2: Activation Key Not Recognized when trying to activate


How To Create a Bootable USB

Does DriveScrubber wipe free space?

System Mechanic Business

Using System Mechanic Business Distribution Builder

Privacy Guardian

How To Disable Or Enable Browser Saved Passwords From Being Removed?

How to prevent clearing of data from trusted websites?

Privacy Guardian Frequently Asked Questions

How To Install Privacy Guardian Standalone Product?

How To Upgrade Privacy Guardian Freemium Standalone to the Full Version?

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Installation and Uninstall

How Do I Uninstall My iolo Product?

How Do I Uninstall SCU (System Checkup)

My iolo Product Has a Problem Installing or Will Not Start Once Installed

Product will not update properly or launch after installation

How to create a Windows system snapshot for troubleshooting purposes

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How to disable automatically checking for updates in System Mechanic

How To Check Your .NET Version in Windows

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