Privacy Guardian

Online Privacy Protection

Protect Your Private Life with Privacy Guardian.

  • Helps ensure anonymous browsing
  • Keeps search history private
  • Thwarts "digital fingerprinting" that evades VPNs and cookie cleaners
  • Enhances identity theft protection
  • Stops ad-trackers from following and targeting you


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Privacy Guardian

Works with Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7

What you do online isn’t private and can be used against you.
Privacy Guardian helps prevent:

Online Ads Following You

  • Online entities can spy on your browsing habits and place annoying ads on the pages you visit
  • Many merchants will even send harassing spam emails to your personal accounts

Price Discrimination

  • If an online retailer sees that you are shopping from a computer in a wealthy neighborhood, it may mark up prices
  • Many airlines, hotels and insurance companies routinely attempt this

Compromised Reputation

  • Imagine being denied credit because a company has secretly collected data that suggests you are an irresponsible shopper

Your Data For Sale

  • Congress overturned F.C.C. rules requiring broadband providers to get your permission before selling your private data to advertisers

Only Privacy Guardian offers protection from the latest, most sophisticated type of online tracking: digital fingerprinting. Cookies-based tracking blockers and VPNs don’t.

How much data is unprotected?
Without Privacy Guardian, a lot, including:

Internet Activity

  • Online searches
  • Videos watched
  • Websites visited

Online Purchases

  • Medicines
  • Vehicles
  • Vacation habits

Financial Data

  • Income
  • Credit score
  • Debt and loans

Your Data For Sale

  • Age, gender, ethnicity
  • Political party
  • Marital/child status


Block access to your sensitive online data, device info and habits.

  • Only Privacy Guardian studies the behaviors of known fingerprinting scripts and scrambles the data they rely upon to gain sensitive information about you
  • Privacy Guardian alerts you when it has stopped an attempt to collect your private data
  • Easy-to-read Dashboard shows you a list of all tracking attempts that were blocked
  • Tracking site URLs included for your reference
  • Includes the precise tracking script used to try and track you
  • My Tracks panel allows easy cookies and browsing data clearance from all your browsers at once

  • Advanced Whitelisting prevents data clearance on specific websites you choose
  • Add the Privacy Guardian extension to your preferred web browser to ensure safe and secure browsing
  • Private Search feature provides further anonymity when performing searches
  • Personal Privacy Score assesses the current estimated state of your privacy
  • Reports panel shows comprehensive history of tracking activity and changes to your digital fingerprint

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