Tips on Telework

If you’re fortunate enough to work from home during the crucial curve-flattening phase of the coronavirus, you’ll undoubtedly notice some rules changes—some subtle, some not so subtle. To get the most out of your new status as a member of a... Read more »

How to Safely Disinfect Phones and PCs

Good device hygiene is more important than ever right now. Yet it may be less than obvious which cleaners, cloths and procedures are effective without doing damage to our phones, computers and other devices. Here is a catalog of best practices to... Read more »

Lockdown Living: Avoid Scams and Protect Tech

As we all continue to do our best to shelter in place, our coronavirus article series continues with these tips to keep you, your bank account, and your PC as safe as possible.... Read more »

New Trojan Targets Chrome Password Manager

Sometimes what makes something popular can also make it problematic. Google Chrome, by far the most commonly used web browser in the world, has been targeted by a new trojan that steals passwords and stores them to a remote database.... Read more »

The Optional August Windows Update is Causing PC Slowdown

Windows® 10 users should be aware that the—thankfully, optional—August update is causing major slowdown on many computers.... Read more »

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Infographic 2019

System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense™ combines seven powerful products to secure, stabilize, and speed up all the PCs in your home. You get: award-winning PC performance optimization, real-time antivirus protection, on-demand malware removal,... Read more »

Get To Know System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense™ delivers seven powerful products to speed up, secure and simplify your digital life—all at your fingertips in one convenient interface. Here is an overview to help you navigate around in this latest... Read more »

Protect personal data and confidential activity with military-grade security

Virtually everything you do on a PC is stored in activity logs or leaves a trail, even long after it’s been “cleared.”... Read more »

Introducing System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

Phoenix 360 has been integrated into the System Mechanic product family with the launch of new System Mechanic Ultimate Defense.... Read more »

Thank You for Choosing Privacy Guardian

Block access to your sensitive online data, device info and habits. Privacy Guardian thwarts online attempts to gain vast amounts of personal information based on your search history, shopping habits and more.... Read more »

New Hacking Software Makes it Imperative to Stop Reusing Passwords

The vast majority of people online recycle the same passwords across multiple online accounts, making it far easier for hackers to break into their accounts. And now, inexpensive and easy-to-use software has increasingly found its way online to make ... Read more »

Critical Things to Know Before Installing the New Windows 10 Update

Windows® 10 version 1903 is coming in May, and it is causing alarm because the new installation is literally doubling the footprint of the operating system. A firm release date has not been announced, but these are the critical items to remember... Read more »

PC Mag Awards System Mechanic 2019 Editors’ Choice for Best PC Optimization Software

System Mechanic® from iolo technologies has won the 2019 PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award for best Windows® utility. This is the eighth such award the editors at PC Magazine have bestowed upon System Mechanic, writing, “This excellent tune-up ... Read more »

Mastering Windows 8: Where’s My Start Button?

As you fire up Windows 8 for the first time, to your pleasant surprise you notice that the start-up time is significantly faster than Windows 7, Vista or XP. You’re almost disoriented that it’s ready to go before you could get up to make a cup... Read more »

Mastering Windows 8: The System Mechanic® Advantage

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s bright new vision for dynamic, live computing that harnesses today’s technology in a way that even a novice can quickly grasp.... Read more »

Collective Intelligence: What it is, why it matters, and how iolo revolutionized it.

How lab science combined with community experience can help you make your PC faster than ever before. Every day we’re faced with the dilemma of making new decisions without enough knowledge to know if we’re making the right choices. Which car ... Read more »

Mastering Windows 8: Eight Simple Ways to Make it Work Your Way

If you’re a user of Windows 7, Vista, and XP, you may have been in for a surprise when you first started new Windows 8. Instead of traditional gadgets that you can select to place on your desktop, you’ve now got a Start screen full of apps... Read more »

Mastering Windows 8: Ten Must-Use Keyboard Shortcuts

How using the right keyboard shortcuts can make your Windows 8 experience smoother and faster. Microsoft’s new Windows 8 is faster and more responsive than ever but it’s not without its share of challenges. The look and feel is not at all... Read more »

Mastering Windows 8: Where’d My Gadgets Go?

How to deal with the shift from desktop gadgets to Windows 8 Apps If you’re a user of Windows 7 or Vista, you may have been in for a surprise when you first started new Windows 8. Instead of traditional gadgets that you can select to place on... Read more »

Open Source Licenses included in the iolo Software

Open Source Licenses included in the iolo Software iolo technologies, LLC (“iolo”) licenses its software, whether free, trial or paid versions (“iolo Software”). iolo Software may contain open source code (“Open Source”). The rights... Read more »

Benchmarking Results: Even Newer Windows 10 PCs Gain Speed with System Mechanic

For over 2 decades, iolo technologies has been discovering ways to make your PC go faster, and System Mechanic® has won the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award for best optimization software multiple times.... Read more »

Catch PC Infections Your Antivirus Software Might Miss

iolo technologies has partnered with the FixMeStick®, a bootable USB device that quickly scans your computer for viruses and then removes them. Getting to work prior to Windows® startup allows the FixMeStick to catch those infections that your... Read more »

Android slowdown? Here’s iolo’s new app to speed things up.

Smart phones and tablets are one of the most rapidly growing markets in consumer technology. Their compact size and powerful efficiencies encompass many of our lifestyle activities. It’s hard to go anywhere in public without seeing them in action.... Read more »

Windows 10 Users, Stop Giving Away Your Personal Data—Protect It With Privacy Shield

The System Mechanic® personal data protection feature Privacy Shield™ has been re-introduced for Windows® 10 users, with brand new features to disable the latest Windows personal data collection services. Privacy Shield was originally... Read more »

System Mechanic NetBooster Continues to Find New Ways to Unleash Net Speed

The System Mechanic® NetBooster® internet optimization feature offers several new ways to help users achieve the fastest internet speeds. For example, iolo engineers have discovered no less than eight unnecessary Windows® 10 services that needlessly ... Read more »

Choose Between Two System Scan Modes with System Mechanic

The System Mechanic® main Dashboard now offers you two different ways to analyze your system for issues affecting speed, stability or security. Quick Scan is a fast, effective way to declutter your machine and fix basic security issues such as... Read more »

Have Your Passwords Been Leaked? Here’s How to Find Out

When your web browser asks if you’d like it to save your log-in credentials (e.g., “Remember me next time”), you should decline. Passwords stored this way are not safe from spying eyes, because generally speaking, no encryption is used to... Read more »

What’s new in System Mechanic PC Total Care 11.7

iolo is continually developing and innovating tools necessary to keep your computer running at its full potential. System Mechanic PC Total Care 11.7 breaks new ground with a combination of patented technology, expanded controls and enhanced... Read more »

5 Myths to Avoid When Purchasing and Maintaining Your New PC

Buying a new PC can be an exhilarating experience and the beginning a great relationship. But it can be easy to get misled by “everyone knows” opinions — ones  that don’t bear out in fact. Here are five common myths and the facts... Read more »

10 Speed Tips for Maximizing Your PC Experience

Life with your PC made easy with System Mechanic The mysterious and sometimes complicated PC—unless you’re an expert on each and every component under the hood, it’s easy to get stuck with slowdowns and other obstacles along the way. Top Speed... Read more »

The Vital Importance of a Fast, Healthy Hard Drive

To some, the hard drive, while important, is just another element of a computer along with memory, processors and peripherals. But factually, hard drive health and performance affects every element of computer performance—simply because that’s where ... Read more »

Restoring Your PC to “Like New” Performance

When you first start up a new computer, performance can certainly seem dazzling, especially compared to your old PC. But over time you may notice everything getting a bit slower. Actually, performance begins to slow from the first moment you... Read more »

5 Tips for Keeping Your PC at Peak Performance

It might not always be at the top of your list of things to do, but keeping your PC running smoothly and at peak performance is something we should all get in the habit of doing. After all, your PC works hard to do what you tell it to do. Whether... Read more »

System Requirements for System Mechanic Business

File Size: 28.7 MB PC running Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP (SP3) Approximately 140 MB free hard drive space At least 1 GB of RAM Internet Explorer 9.0 or later Internet connection (required for license activation) ... Read more »

Deploy Network-Wide Repairs

Can you use System Mechanic Business to fix and repair all of your company’s computers at once? The Network Deployment Tool in System Mechanic Business allows you to configure ActiveCare® to run automatic repairs on each and every one of your... Read more »

Are You Replacing PCs Prematurely?

Many businesses mistakenly replace or upgrade PCs too early: When installing new software that runs too slowly After an arbitrary “lifecycle” period When staff rationalize about the impact on productivity (who doesn’t like a new... Read more »

Automatically keep your PC running like new

Are you stuck in the “I’ll fix it when it breaks” PC maintenance and help desk cycle? With our patented ActiveCare® technology, System Mechanic Business can fully automate over 50 maintenance tasks, so you finally move into a proactive and... Read more »

Is Program Misalignment on Your PC’s Menu?

The Elephant in the Kitchen Imagine you are the head chef of a big kitchen in a popular restaurant. During the... Read more »

4 Tips to Keep Your PC Security and Privacy in Check

PC protection is just a few clicks away with System Mechanic Here’s something you might not want to hear: most PCs are vulnerable to security attacks. Even PCs kitted out with serious anti-malware have been known to fall prey to unwanted... Read more »

The Hidden Slowdown in Your Computer: When data collides with the hard drive

The instant the traffic lights changed, two cars collided in the intersection. Two objects can’t occupy the same space at the same time and so pieces fly off in all directions to make room. The cars absorb and dissipate energy away from the... Read more »

5 Tips for Reviving Your Drives

How you can keep your drives healthy and always ready for action The thing about your hard drive is, it works hard but it’s not always forthcoming when it has problems. In fact, your hard drive may start acting up without any warning–and... Read more »

Human Error Leading Source of Data Breaches

There are many factors which can erode PC performance and privacy, and it’s important for users to remain vigilant to all the potential causes of compromised systems. However, it is most often users themselves that are the source of data breaches,... Read more »

Tips for Taking Care of Your Files

Keep your files in check, and your PC will thank you The files within your PC are a lot like the appliances in your house: the more you use them, the more they need attention–-such as cleaning, wiping, and organizing. Luckily, System Mechanic... Read more »

5 Ways to Extend Battery Life

Unpredictable battery life has long been a scourge of on-the-go computer users, who can suffer many consequences from a battery gone kaput at the wrong time. Reduced PC performance, data loss, slow computers and a lack of mobility are just a few of... Read more »

Data Mismanagement Can Leave SMBs Vulnerable

Protecting data is crucial to the health and vitality of small and medium-sized businesses, but there are many factors that can put sensitive data at risk. One is data management, or the myriad ways that files are stored, shared and accessed. For... Read more »

What’s new in System Mechanic 12

iolo is continually developing breakthrough technology to keep your computer running at its full potential. System Mechanic 12 propels PC performance and stability to new heights with a combination of patented technology and intelligent tools that... Read more »

What’s new in System Mechanic 12 Pro

iolo is continually developing breakthrough technology to keep your computer running at its full potential. System Mechanic 12 propels PC performance and stability to new heights with a combination of patented technology and intelligent tools that... Read more »

What’s new in System Mechanic PC Total Care 12

iolo is continually developing breakthrough technology to keep your computer running at its full potential. System Mechanic PC Total Care 12 propels PC performance and stability to new heights with a combination of patented technology and... Read more »

What You Need to Know About Memory

Most people know that computing systems need memory in order to function. Memory is the data or device that stores programs and applications for the computer. It comes in two basic varieties: The first is volatile memory, which needs power in order... Read more »

Many Companies Lack Data Breach Awareness

Organizations would prefer to keep the negative consequences of a data breach out of sight and out of mind, but that doesn’t mean they should do the same with their detection strategies. According to a recent report by data security expert Varonis,... Read more »

Maintaining PC Security and Performance on Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is a great resource for personal computing on-the-go, but it’s important to remember that it likely won’t be as safe as a home network. Users have to remain vigilant in order to maintain a clean hard drive and optimal functionality.... Read more »

Small Business Productivity & Security Compromised by PC Problems

A recent survey from Brother International Corporation found that 75 percent of small business owners feel that a crashed computer is more problematic than a sick employee. In addition, 77 percent said that a tech problem has negatively impacted... Read more »

3 Myths That Can Bring Down Your PC

PCs today are amazingly easy to use and practically run themselves. However, there are some persistent myths about PC operation and you shouldn’t let them fool you. Myth 1: “A PC is at its fastest and most efficient right out of the box.” This... Read more »

4 Ways to Prevent Disk Errors

In the life of a hard drive two things are certain: Death and … disk errors. The hard disk is the heart of the computing system and if it stops working correctly the system will stop functioning and your files could be lost. Even with all the... Read more »

Hackers Attack Email with More Sophisticated Techniques

Attacking users through email was one of the first tactics utilized by cybercriminals because it gets right to the heart of a person’s internet activity. For this reason, computer help and security measures have also aggressively targeted email... Read more »

The Paperless Office: Problem or Paradise?

Unless someone went through the trouble of printing this post out and handing it to you, you’re probably not reading it on a piece of paper. The benefits of digitally cached information over physical copies are widely acknowledged – improved... Read more »

Rising IT Asset Costs and What They Mean to Your Small Business

Today’s businesses, from small, single digit employee startups to massive enterprises with global subsidiaries, rely on a highly tuned digital framework in order to increase their profitability and productivity. In the incipient stages of the... Read more »

Preventive Care Tips for Keeping Your PC Healthy

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but keeping your PC healthy can be a little more complicated. These days most of us try to be proactive about our health: We take vitamins, brush our teeth, try to exercise regularly and get enough sleep. We... Read more »

Weird Glitches, Mysterious Hiccups and Bizzare Messages: What’s Going On in Your PC’s “Control Tower”?

Imagine an air traffic controller trying to be efficient with inaccurate data. Because airport reliability is utterly dependent upon tightly synchronized information, even small errors could quickly ignite a chain of arrival and departure delays,... Read more »

Tips to Optimize Your PC’s Internet Settings

Give your internet connection settings a fine tune for a speed boost Ever notice slow movie downloads or spottiness when surfing the net? That’s because the internet connection you have may not be optimized with your PC’s default internet... Read more »

Solve PC Problems with Surgical Precision

A breakthrough visual approach to resolving stubborn glitches Ever been plagued by bizarre PC errors that seem to originate from nowhere? Many computer users expect the most from their PCs but are often perplexed by the occasional glitches,... Read more »

Malicious Insiders Threaten More Than PC Performance

Don’t look now, but the biggest threat to your company’s computer security could be behind you. If you’re in your office, that is. While many businesses invest heavily in cybersecurity defense systems and educate employees on common hacker hazards... Read more »

What IT Pros Fear Most After a Data Breach

Data leaks are increasingly common and potentially perilous, threatening businesses of all sizes. There are various unfortunate consequences that can be unleashed by a breach in an organization’s data networks, including lost revenue and a damaged... Read more »

Why Your Company Needs Network Level Disk Defragmentation

Data fragmentation has long been one of the most pervasive and damaging long-term PC problems. Over time, information stored on the computer becomes increasingly divided as PCs aim to store programs and applications in smaller morsels. While that... Read more »

Why Does My PC Start Up Slowly?

“My computer is slow” is a sentiment increasingly uttered in a world where hyperfast digital connectivity seems to indicate that computers should always move at warp speed. But computers can and do slow down over time. In many cases, a user’s slow... Read more »

How Cloud Computing Improves IT Asset Management and Security

In order to meet rapidly increasing IT and core business system support needs, many companies have been turning to cloud computing solutions for more agile project management, better disaster recovery planning and increased network security. Cloud... Read more »

Tips to Really Power Up Your PC with System Mechanic’s PowerTools®

Your PC’s answer to a quick fix Did you know that in addition to the 50+ tools engineered to repair and speed up your PC, System Mechanic comes equipped with a set of all-in-one PowerTools? This unique set combines multiple functions into... Read more »

Does Your Operating System Manage Itself?

People can harbor some unfortunate misconceptions when it comes to operating systems. The name itself, with its action verb ‘operating,’ seems to indicate a self-policing, constantly working schema that can run independently of user attentiveness.... Read more »

The Case of the Disappearing IT Department

As technology turnover moves at a more rapid rate than ever, many organizations struggle to reconcile optimized PC performance with IT departments that appear to be increasingly scattered. Many companies are dealing with discrepancies in... Read more »

How to Keep Solid State Drives Healthy and Functional

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are the next big thing in local data storage. When it comes to data reserves PC users traditionally have had few options: hard disk drives (HDDs) were the norm, augmented by removable storage (like zip drives or floppy... Read more »

Why You Need Daily Computer Maintenance

Many computer users believe the answer lies in the one-time fix. It’s not hard to see why – as a culture we’re positioned to want (and expect) instant yet enduring gratification. Many prominent ad campaigns bill the product or service as a lasting... Read more »

The Problem: Your “Clogged” PC

As a rule, the more programs you’ve installed, the more work your PC has to do—and installing multiple programs that run the same functions needlessly adds to this burden. But with certain redundant programs, the problem goes beyond just wasted... Read more »

Beyond Prevention—Find and Eradicate Hidden Malware

Coming Soon—Malware Killer™ Most antivirus software only blocks malware—Malware Killer removes it. Malware is the umbrella term for any type of malicious software. They are highly sophisticated and can take many different shapes and forms.... Read more »

How to Improve Cybersecurity Efforts

Many organizations struggle with the development of a comprehensive cybersecurity protocol. Getting everyone on the same page in an organization is often problematic even for small businesses, but in the world of cyberthreats there’s little room for ... Read more »

6 Quick Tips for Better Digital Privacy

Maintaining digital privacy can be hard. In an environment optimized for connectivity and communication, going the other way can often be difficult, confusing and ultimately ineffective. Users have many reasons for wanting to retain privacy online,... Read more »

Inside iolo Labs

Damian Giannunzio, lead research for iolo Labs, tells you what’s currently on his mind. 1. How would you describe your job? iolo labs - Damian G.My primary responsibilities are testing System Mechanic on various computer configurations, testing... Read more »

iolo: 15 Years of Defining the Possible by Doing the Impossible

From the day I founded iolo over 15 years ago, it has been based on two passions: making computers work better and the desire to help others. The fact that System Mechanic, the product that most fundamentally embodies these principles, has become... Read more »

The Evolution of PC Performance

As computers got more powerful and personal, their use expanded beyond enthusiasts to the many people who simply wanted to access the amazing productivity and entertainment computers offered. System Mechanic was born to keep the average user up and... Read more »

4 Quick and Easy Ways to Customize Your PC to Your Needs

Every computer user is different. PC vendors generally try to enable people to have some agency over their computers’ specs at the point of purchase, but your needs can change significantly over time. A new job, trend or hobby could impact your... Read more »

4 Things Most People Don’t Know About Their PCs

Whether you mainly use your PC in a personal or in a professional context, you may discover a significant gap between how heavily you rely on your computer and how much you actually know about it.  For example, did you know that the... Read more »

How to Keep Your PC Fast and Healthy

Even as a computer user toggles back and forth between programs with ease, idly checking their email or lazily scrolling to the next page of a PDF, their PC is hard at work. Once the computer is booted up, even before the user has done anything, the ... Read more »

Making Secure Passwords Essential for a Clean PC

Computer hacking is an everyday phenomenon that can affect personal PC users as much as big businesses. Oftentimes  weak passwords are at fault, allowing hackers to go in and take information or implant a PC virus that can wreak havoc with a system. ... Read more »

Why Small Businesses Often Need Outside Security Help

In this day and age, small-business computer security ought to entail more than merely installing a virus scanner, telling employees to create better passwords and hoping for the best. Cybersecurity is a complex and constantly evolving entity, as... Read more »

What’s new in System Mechanic 12.5 Pro

System Mechanic 12.5 Pro represents a new direction in computer performance that begins where optimization leaves off. Just imagine what you could accomplish if your PC responded at the speed of your thoughts as you move quickly from task to task.... Read more »

What’s new in System Mechanic 12.5

System Mechanic 12.5 represents a new direction in computer performance that begins where optimization leaves off. Just imagine what you could accomplish if your PC responded at the speed of your thoughts as you move quickly from task to task.... Read more »

What’s new in System Mechanic PC Total Care 12.5

System Mechanic PC Total Care 12.5 represents a new direction in computer performance that begins where optimization leaves off. Just imagine what you could accomplish if your PC responded at the speed of your thoughts as you move quickly from task... Read more »

Wi-Fi Security an Issue with Travelers, Holiday Shoppers

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are a favorite place to connect to the Internet for many mobile users because they don’t have to plug in a password for it. But what they might not realize is that these networks make it much easier for viruses and hackers to... Read more »

Upgraded software, computer parts boost PC performance

As PCs age, it becomes more important for owners to ensure that their hardware is able to function appropriately and keep up with computing demands. PC performance capabilities often influence users’ buying decisions, but clutter and programs on the ... Read more »

PC users wasting more than 5 days a year on slow computers

Nothing can be more frustrating than having a slow computer, especially when work needs to be done. But just how bad is it? According to a recent study by SanDisk, users lose about five days a year from it, The Telegraph reported. The... Read more »

Most People Unaware of Public Wi-Fi​ Dangers

Someone is out at a coffee shop with their laptop and is looking to connect to the Internet. So he or she check for Wi-Fi networks that are available. While many of them have padlocks indicating they are password-protected, there is one that is... Read more »

Creating Data Backups Smart for PC Owners

There are all kinds of bugs, glitches, viruses and freezes that can compromise a system, affecting PC performance. Often, computer owners will take their systems in to expert technicians to clean up their systems. However, before doing so, they... Read more »

PC Users Should Lock Down Email Accounts

There are many different ways that hackers can get into a PC. One of the most common approaches is through email. It is an easy means to trick users into giving away personal information that can be quickly used to hack into a computer. The... Read more »

Bad Habits to Avoid On PCs

Computer viruses are a fact of life when it comes to PC usage. The problems are only assuaged by how computer owners operate their machines. Not being careful and properly maintaining a system could leave it open to more attacks than carefully using ... Read more »

3 Easy Ways to Speed up Computer Processes

Keeping your PC clean and well maintained is important to the longevity of the system and the capabilities of the machine. Problems can be external or internal – if the interior of the computer is filled with dust or there are too many demanding... Read more »

What’s new in System Mechanic

System Mechanic continues to push the boundaries of what your PC can do for you. Exceptional improvements to LiveBoost™ real-time responsiveness technology deliver a more agile machine that’s tuned even better to your needs. Enhancements to... Read more »

What’s new in System Mechanic Pro

System Mechanic Pro continues to push the boundaries of what your PC can do for you. Exceptional improvements to LiveBoost™ real-time responsiveness technology deliver a more agile machine that’s tuned even better to your needs. Enhancements... Read more »

What’s new in System Mechanic PC Total Care

System Mechanic PC Total Care continues to push the boundaries of what your PC can do for you. Exceptional improvements to LiveBoost™ real-time responsiveness technology deliver a more agile machine that’s tuned even better to your needs.... Read more »

PC Viruses Present Risks to Variety of Businesses

Whether an organization provides its employees with a computer or workers bring their own, they are susceptible to a variety of PC viruses. Malware is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and while protective software is also advancing, deterring... Read more »

6 Useful Windows Apps You Should Download

Sometimes getting the most out of your computer can be exhausting. With the vast amount of applications out there – many of them available for free – you can install new programs until your hard drive is about to burst. But chances are you’ll forget ... Read more »

4 Simple Tips for a Safer PC Experience

These days, malware and other online threats seem to lurk around every corner. There’s no need to live in fear of every move you make while on your computer, however. A safe Web experience and solid PC performance are possible if you follow... Read more »

Free RAM and Disk Space for Maximum PC Speed

As a PC ages, users may wonder how to get the most out of components like RAM, hard drive space and system speed in general. A PC tuneup can be an effective step that helps users take back more memory, space and overall system speed. Memory... Read more »

Adaptive System Protection the Only Way to Evade Malware

In the past, malware was usually developed and distributed by illicit individual agents or simply the result of pranksters showing off their coding abilities. However, the malware business is a lucrative one now, which meant that organized criminals ... Read more »

Making the Jump From Mac to Windows

Maybe you’re a gamer, and you’re tired of all the new video games being released that aren’t compatible with your Mac. Or maybe you’re simply hoping to upgrade to a new computer, and Apple’s occasionally sky-high prices are just out of your range.... Read more »

Configuring Your Child’s First PC

Face it: It’s only a matter of time before your kids want their own computer, if they haven’t asked already. Particularly with the rising popularity of touchscreen interfaces, children and teens will be more attracted to PCs. According to a study by ... Read more »

A First Timer’s Manual for Setting Up Windows 8.1

Just got a new PC, complete with Windows 8.1? Setting up a new computer can be an exhilarating, yet daunting task. Here's a quick rundown of the steps you should take to enhance your PC performance right out of the box. First off, set your... Read more »

Survive the “XPocalypse” with System Mechanic

Tips to Help Keep Your PC Secure and Reliable On April 8, 2014, Microsoft® discontinued support for the... Read more »

The Story Behind an Entirely New Approach to PC Responsiveness

You can’t do the “impossible” without breaking a few myths When it comes to improving computer performance, you can’t move ahead of the curve without also setting new standards. If you’ve installed the latest System Mechanic® or System Mechanic... Read more »

Surviving the “XPocalypse” with System Mechanic©

5 Musts to Help Secure Your Windows OS Batten Down the Patches. Making sure existing security patches and driver updates for Windows XP are as current as possible is the first step toward adequately protecting your PC. From there, avoiding use of... Read more »

Surviving the “XPocalypse” with System Mechanic©

3 Ways to Help Keep Your Data Secure System Mechanic Pro® provides comprehensive performance and security optimization for the Windows computer regardless of your current operating system version, but it’s especially vital for those who are staying ... Read more »

Spring Cleaning for Your PC

Wave goodbye to snow and polar vortexes—spring is finally here. This means saying hello to April showers and May flowers, as well as some cleaning up around the house you’ve been putting off all winter. Don’t just concentrate on mopping your floors... Read more »

Surviving the “XPocalypse” with System Mechanic©

PC Health Made Easy Maximum performance is just a few clicks away. Here’s how to get the most out of the patented technology designed to automatically deliver optimal stability and responsiveness to your computer. The science behind System... Read more »

3 Key Steps You Can Take to Prevent a Malware Attack

Nobody wants to fall victim to a malicious incursion. Fortunately, if you take the proper preventive steps, you never have to. Here are some rules to live by if you want to keep your computer safe from outside infringement: 1. Install anti... Read more »

Identifying and Eliminating Redundant and Unnecessary Programs

Nearly every user has them: two or more files with the same name containing the same information. Often, we’re not even sure how it happened. We create a document, add to it, change it or make other adjustments and save it. However, when we go... Read more »

What are “device drivers” and how do they affect the performance of PCs?

Although many users  leverage mobile devices that plug into their computer, they may not understand how these endpoints impact PC performance. Each time your printer, scanner, camera or other external device is plugged in, it needs an avenue through ... Read more »

Cluttered PC? Optimize with PC Cleanup

Clutter: the great detriment to productivity and efficiency. In an apartment items littered all over the place make it hard to find things, function well, and complete tasks quickly. From dirty dishes to clean clothes that never got put away,... Read more »

Clearing the Cache is Not Enough: Erase the Trail of Personal and Confidential Activities for Good

If you take a moment to think about all the different tasks you use your computer for, you may be surprised. Your PC is your window to email and chat messages, web browsing, online shopping and a whole host of other activities. Nearly every action... Read more »

Open the Door to the Full Potential of System Mechanic©

Discover hundreds of features the Help Files can put at your fingertips One of System Mechanic’s most sophisticated and industry-respected features is something customers often overlook—the Help Files. The Help Files is a clearly written guide... Read more »

System Mechanic Delivers a PC Customized to Your Needs

Discover the Two-Tiered Approach to PC Health and Speed A performance solution that’s ever-vigilant Only the automated technology within System Mechanic® keeps your PC error-free and then takes you beyond optimized with real-time technology... Read more »

ActiveCare: A Pit Crew in Every PC

Automated, Easy and Effective PC Optimization System Mechanic’s first level of performance optimization is ActiveCare®, a series of processes that run whenever your PC is idle. ActiveCare repairs dozens of hard drive, registry and security... Read more »

5 Ways to Improve Internet Speed on a Windows Computer

System Mechanic’s NetBooster Optimizes Hidden Settings Maximizing your Internet speed is a crucial step in the quest for a faster computing experience, and one of ever increasing importance because just about all we do with our machines nowadays... Read more »

Adjust Underperforming TCP/IP settings with NetBooster’s Manual Features

Advanced users, easily edit over a dozen Windows Internet settings to fine tune specifically for gaming, large file transfer, and just about everything in between. To enter NetBooster’s manual editing mode: In System Mechanic, click... Read more »

Four Ways to Restore Previous NetBooster Settings

On occasion you may experiment with NetBooster’s many Advanced Internet Settings, only to find you want to revert to prior settings. To reset your Internet configuration by selecting from one of four saved settings profiles: In System... Read more »

Saving and Recalling Custom NetBooster Profiles

NetBooster’s Advanced Internet Settings menu lets you easily take a “snapshot” of your current Internet configuration for recall at any time later. For example, you can toggle between network settings separately customized for gaming, streaming or... Read more »

Finding Your Way Around in LiveBoost

LiveBoost has been fully integrated into System Mechanic. To better access the various settings to help maximize processor, RAM and hard disk performance, let’s explore the four main tabs within the LiveBoost interface. Within System... Read more »

Using LiveBoost Desktop Controls

This tip explores the functions available right from your desktop by clicking the LiveBoost system tray icon. On the lower right of the Windows system tray, click the colored box with a white circular arrow in it (the LiveBoost system tray... Read more »

Disabling and Re-enabling the System Tray Icon

There are three ways to hide the LiveBoost tray icon, though this will inhibit easy access to PowerSense modes and other functionality. This tip will also show you how to re-enable the icon once it is hidden from your system tray. To hide the... Read more »

Enabling Sound FX When PowerSense Switches Modes

LiveBoost can be set to play distinct sounds that let you know when your power settings have changed to one of the seven built-in modes, as well as any custom modes you create. To enable this feature. Within System Mechanic, select Options in ... Read more »

More Computer Speed Awaits with Windows Power Switching

How to Adjust Settings in Real Time for Maximum Performance 100% responsivenessWindows defaults your computer’s power plan to a “Balanced” setting. This means it tries to conserve power without compromising system speed, but the unhappy result is ... Read more »

Changing PowerSense Modes Manually

PowerSense modes trigger whenever you launch a trigger app such as a video editing program or gaming client. Occasionally you may wish to manually switch PowerSense modes without relying on a specific program to trigger the desired mode. To... Read more »

Create Your Own PowerSense Modes

Variations of PowerSense™ Ultra Performance and Endurance modes are built into LiveBoost, suited specifically to editing, gaming, graphic design and other activities that demand different degrees of system speed and stamina. You can create... Read more »

AFK? PowerSense Helps Save Your Battery

For times when your priority is a long-lasting laptop battery, PowerSense can trigger Windows Power saver automatically after your PC is idle for an interval of time that you specify. To enable this function: Within System Mechanic, click... Read more »

Easily Install System Mechanic on Multiple PCs

System Mechanic offers a free Whole Home License® which entitles you to use the same service account for as many PCs in your household as you wish. Now System Mechanic has made it easier than ever to install the product on multiple computers. To... Read more »

Adjust Windows Default Settings for a Faster Computer

Windows users may not be aware that their machines are configured by default to strike a balance between raw speed and power conservation. The result can lead to compromised system performance at times when you need more from your PC—and that is... Read more »

Windows® 10 is coming soon: Help get your PC ready with System Mechanic 14.6!

Windows 10 is set to debut on July 29! Since iolo technologies is an official Microsoft Development Partner, our engineers have had months to get under the hood of Windows 10, and we are pleased to report that it builds off the best of Windows 7 to... Read more »

Is Your AV Relying On a Single Engine?

Dual-Engine AVs Best Choice to Keep Out Malware As cyberattacks continue to become more sophisticated, it’s critical to ensure your antivirus/anti-malware solution provides your computer with the best fortification possible. Not all AVs are... Read more »

Beyond AVs, What YOU Can Do to Keep Your PC Safe

“Defense in depth” is a concept in malware protection that enhances PC security by relying on many different strategies. A great deal of the defense is naturally embedded in your PC’s antivirus software, but much of it relies on other aspects of PC... Read more »

Almost 1 Million New Malware Threats Are Released Daily

Here’s how to help protect your computer from them The latest reports from cybersecurity teams at Verizon and Symantec reveal that an astonishing number of new malware threats are released every day: nearly one million. That number is based on ... Read more »

Revisit Your Router to Boost Wi-Fi

Is your router outdated? If your home broadband is sketchy—suffering stutters or dropped frames while streaming video or playing online games—the first place to look is your router. Technology has evolved so quickly and the number of... Read more »

Put an End to PC Privacy Leaks

It’s no secret that as much as we rely on the digital world to help us organize and navigate through our personal lives, these very activities leave digital footprints that can compromise the same data we wish to both easily access and yet... Read more »

Microsoft Reduces Cloud Storage

Time to get rid of unwanted files Microsoft announced on 11/2 that it will reduce OneDrive storage, affecting both free subscribers and Office 365 users. Office 365 is the paid service for accessing Office apps over the cloud that also provides... Read more »

Three Easy Ways to Take PC Productivity to the Next Level

If you’re a PC user interested in maximizing efficiency and speed—whether tackling tasks at the office or taking on projects at home—consider adding two powerful technologies to your repertoire that have advanced considerably in recent years, now... Read more »

Must-Know Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Win 10, 8 and 7

When it comes to keyboard shortcuts within the Windows OS, the Windows key (represented as “Win” below)  Windows icon is the basic key that, combined with countless letter and other keys, can call up or execute an incredibly wide variety of menus... Read more »

Windows® 10 Cortana Setup Made Easy

Previously we looked at how voice activated commands have arrived fully into their own as a useful tool to increase productivity. Users who have upgraded their PCs to Windows 10 may still have questions about how to converse with the customizable... Read more »

Microsoft Ends Windows 8 Support—What This Means and How to Keep Your PC Secure

Microsoft ended support for Windows® 8 on January 13, 2016. This means that Microsoft will no longer provide new security patches, hotfixes, software updates or online technical assistance for this operating system (OS). While Windows 8 PCs may be... Read more »

This Trick Will Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

It is the bugbear of every laptop user sooner or later: dwindling battery life when you can’t get to a power outlet. But now there’s an easy way to increase your battery power by up to two hours. iolo technologies, the makers of the world’s... Read more »

PC Lag After Windows® 10 Upgrade? Try Adjusting Pagefile

After upgrading an OS to Windows® 10, many PC users report noticeable system lag that had not been there previously. Hiccups, stutters, freezes and crashes can become more frequent over time as files fragment, bloatware accumulates, drivers... Read more »

Two Easy Ways to Take PC Productivity to the Next Level

If you’re a PC user interested in maximizing efficiency and speed—whether tackling tasks at the office or taking on projects at home—consider adding two powerful technologies to your repertoire that have advanced considerably in recent years, now... Read more »

How to Keep Windows 10 Running Like New

According to Microsoft, as of January 2016, Windows® 10 has now been installed on over 200 million machines. With it’s enhanced, fully customizable Start menu, Cortana digital assistant, and new, completely modernized Edge web browser among many... Read more »

System Mechanic 15 Offers a New Look and Tools for Windows 10

The easiest version to use ever, System Mechanic® 15 is the first version release in years that proudly features a major interface redesign, including a modernized appearance, larger fonts and simplified menu navigation. You’ll find... Read more »

Three New Privacy Concerns with Windows 10

Six months in from its initial launch, there’s little doubt that Windows® 10 offers many great features that cement its reputation as the OS upgrade users have been waiting for since Windows 7. However, Microsoft has established a more... Read more »

How to Disable the New Compulsory Upgrade to Windows 10

To the dismay of many Windows users who value great control over their computing experience—including that very personal matter of which operating system you champion—Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will begin installing automatically on... Read more »

New System Mechanic 15.5 Offers Enhanced Privacy Protection

Windows 10 users may now surrender far less personal data to Microsoft As we unpacked in detail here, the launch of Windows® 10 marks the introduction of several data collection and sharing settings that Microsoft insists are necessary for the OS ... Read more »

Turning Off Cortana

Here’s how to keep the nosy Windows 10 assistant from sharing your info with Microsoft Legions of Windows® 10 users have already discovered the wide array of aggressive new telemetry services that Microsoft employs that could compromise privacy... Read more »

Increase the Short Lifespan of the Average PC

The statistics website, which aggregates data from over 18,000 sources to provide accurate information on a variety of topics, has found that the average life of a desktop PC is just over four and a half years. In 2012, PC lifespan... Read more »

3 Easy Ways to Fight PC Clutter and Slowdown

In Increase the Short Lifespan of the Average PC, we discussed what can go wrong with a PC, especially without regular system maintenance, even if you are running the newest version of Windows®. Here we unpack two more important steps you can... Read more »

PowerSense Boosts System Speed Automatically When You Need It

Today’s high-demand computing situations call for the right system resources to be there for the specific task at hand, whether that’s gaming, streaming, downloading, rendering, programming or a host of other possibilities. The trouble is, today’s... Read more »

System Mechanic 15.5 Wins PC Magazine
 Editors’ Choice Award

Recent critical testing at PC Magazine Labs has found that the 
best way to supercharge your PC is with System Mechanic: “If your PC isn’t booting or loading applications at the same pace that it did when you first unboxed it, download iolo... Read more »

Kill More Types of Bloatware with All-New Super Definitions Only in System Mechanic 17

All-new file classification system empowers iolo’s revolutionary optimization tools As Windows® evolves, one area of increasing concern is that more and more unwanted garbage (“bloatware”) is launching itself at startup, which continues to ... Read more »

System Mechanic 18 release

System Mechanic 18: Five Times Faster, Finds More Types of Bloatware Than Ever PASADENA, CA—June 30, 2018—iolo technologies has launched the next Major Version Release of its best-selling PC optimization software System Mechanic®. The enhanced... Read more »

Phoenix 360 2.0 release

iolo Launches First Major Version Update to Phoenix 360 Integrated suite of 7 products offers total performance, protection and privacy for modern computing PASADENA, CA—June 30, 2018—iolo technologies, maker of the best-selling PC optimization... Read more »

It’s Time to Take Ransomware Seriously

A recent internet security threat report has found that ransomware attacks have grown by 113 percent in the past two years. There are three main types of ransomware: Phony antivirus software that pops up and insists you pay to fix your... Read more »

Malware: What Happens After MY PC is Infected?

The top challenge to web security, according to the cybersecurity firm Cyren, is the use of multiple devices, which create numerous entry points for malware to enter your life. Our desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones all present added risk in ... Read more »

System Mechanic® Top Speed Tip #1:

Re-align for Reliability Go deep with System Mechanic’s Program Accelerator for maximum responsiveness and long-lasting reliability. Here’s how: Important: This ultra-deep optimization may take some time, so it’s best to start it right... Read more »

System Mechanic® Top Speed Tip #2:

Wake up to a fresh PC Set up a deep computer optimization before you go to sleep, and have System Mechanic finish up by turning off your PC when it’s done Here’s how: Start System Mechanic and click Toolbox -> All-in-one Tools ... Read more »

System Mechanic® Top Speed Tip #3:

Ask the Audience Power in Numbers: Harness the power of millions of System Mechanic users to rev up boot speed using iolo’s exclusive Guided Recommendations Here’s how: Always begin by clicking Help >> Check for Product Updates to ... Read more »

How to Use Picture Passwords in Windows 10

If you’d rather not type or remember a complicated string of letters and numbers every time you want to log onto your PC or tablet, Windows® 10 lets you instead set up a simple pattern you can draw over a favorite photo as your log-in... Read more »

The Bandwidth-Hogging Windows Feature You Need to Disable

Just as Windows® 10 users have been surprised and alarmed by the aggressive data sharing covertly occurring between their PCs and Microsoft, cybersecurity and other tech sites across the web have shed light on another disruptive, buried setting—this ... Read more »

Clean Out Your Computer Day

Originally sponsored by Institute for Business Technology and in existence since at least 2000, Clean Out Your Computer Day falls on the second Monday in February. As increasing amounts of time are wasted in work places and at home because of slow... Read more »

Useful PC Clean Out Tips

Delete unused, old or duplicate files, emails, email addresses, bookmarks and favorites. With System Mechanic’s Junk File Finder, Privacy Cleaner and PC Cleanup tools, you can recover a lot of lost space – and a lot of time wasted while looking... Read more »

Fight Slowdown with These PC Performance Tools

Without regular maintenance, your Windows® computer will inevitably slow down over time. Though degradation is a naturally occurring fact with regular, everyday PC use, it is entirely preventable. Here we look at four common causes of performance... Read more »

System Mechanic® Top Speed Tip #5:

Speed Up Your Hard Drive Almost everything you do on your PC causes data to be written to the hard drive, and this data scatters into fragments that downgrade performance Here’s how: Always begin by clicking Help » Check for Product... Read more »

Why Does My Computer Boot So Slowly?

If it seems that your computer takes longer and longer to boot the older it gets, that’s because it has likely accumulated bloatware over time that launches at start up whether you mean for it to or not. Many programs install with the automatic... Read more »

3 Things to Know How to Do before a Windows 10 Upgrade

Before beginning any major OS upgrade such as the move to Windows® 10, you should be prepared for things that could go wrong. Microsoft says that the majority of Windows 10 upgrades occur without incident, but they have received reports from users... Read more »

From Facebook to Fingerprinting: Thwart Data-Mining with One Essential Privacy Product

From Facebook to Fingerprinting: Thwart Data-Mining with One Essential Privacy Product Facebook owes the world an apology, and yet its having been exposed tracking, collecting, and sharing far more personal data on its users than previously thought ... Read more »

Privacy Guardian Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions... Read more »

Malware Killer Quick Start Guide

Thank You for Choosing Malware Killer™ Find and remove dangerous... Read more »

Avoid the Latest Trick to Get You to Upgrade to Windows 10 by Mistake

Several months ago, Microsoft began presenting the upgrade to Windows® 10 as a “Recommended update.” For the vast majority of Windows users with system updates set to the default, this meant that you would automatically receive the Windows 10... Read more »

Why You Should Agree to Google’s New Account Features

Recently, Google has introduced changes to Google Account that Chrome users may be reluctant to accept. If you’ve received a message from Google alerting you that “Some new features for your Google Account” are available, and you find yourself... Read more »

In Windows 10, What Happened to Multi-Monitor Wallpaper Settings?

Choosing a different wallpaper photo for each of your displays was easy not so long ago, as Windows® 8 allowed this with a simple right-click on images from the Personalization section in the Control Panel. Now, Windows® 10 has hidden these... Read more »

Windows 10 Is No Longer Free—So What Now?

Microsoft® has officially ended its offer to upgrade Windows® users to Windows 10 for free. So what happens now? Windows 10 users are good to go If you’ve already upgraded your Windows OS to version 10, you are locked in for the life of your ... Read more »

Screentime Overload? Avoid This Increasingly Common Medical Condition

We don’t always think to treat our eyes with the same care we might give other body parts, tending to take for granted that they will continue to function normally from day to day, as long as we observe the slightest of precautions such as wearing... Read more »

How to Set Windows 10 to See Recent Apps

Since the launch of Windows® 10 many users have endured minor skirmishes with it to try and make it behave more like Windows 7. Among the frustrations are the changes to the Start menu, which, although returned to us since the dark days of Windows... Read more »

System Mechanic’s New Tune-up Definitions Eliminate the Latest Threats to PC Speed

As the creators of the world’s best-selling Windows® optimization software, System Mechanic®, the engineers at iolo maintain a body of ongoing research knowledge that feeds the regularly updated database known as Tune-up Definitions™. System... Read more »

Don’t Fear Your PC’s Command Prompt

Many people use their PCs for years without ever opening the Command Prompt. The Command Prompt, aka Command Line Interface or Command Language Interpreter, is used to type lines of text directly to your operating system or specific programs,... Read more »

Phoenix 360 Quick Start Guide

Thank You for Choosing Phoenix 360™ Total Performance, Protection & Privacy for Your Digital Life™ Phoenix 360 is the ultimate package to optimize speed, remove malware, enhance online privacy, secure passwords and simplify login ... Read more »

Get the Most Out of Your PC with the Full Version of System Mechanic

[av_one_full first min_height='' vertical_alignment='' space='' custom_margin='' margin='0px' link='' linktarget='' link_hover='' padding='0px' border='' border_color='' radius='0px' background='bg_color' background_color=''... Read more »

System Mechanic® Performance Benchmarking

To show computer performance improvement using iolo’s System Mechanic software to repair and optimize Windows PCs.... Read more »

Boot Faster and Kill Bloatware for Better PC Performance

Recent benchmark tests performed by iolo Labs have shown that using the Startup Optimizer™ tool in System Mechanic® can significantly improve PC boot time performance. Over 40 commonly used programs and browser add-ons were installed on... Read more »

Increase Your Internet Download Speed with System Mechanic

In this second article in the iolo Labs benchmark series, tests revealed that the internet optimization tool NetBooster® within System Mechanic® improved download speed on a variety of Windows® machines by an average of nearly 40%. For nearly two ... Read more »

Unleash The Full Power of Your Processor

This is part three in a series describing recent iolo Labs testing to quantify improvements to system performance after optimizing a PC with System Mechanic®. In previous articles, the results across four different PCs have included nearly 90%... Read more »

Privacy Guardian Online Privacy Protection

In the age of constant connectivity, online privacy and secure browsing are no longer merely nice to have; they are mandatory.... Read more »

Optimize Your Hard Drive for a PC That Keeps Up with You

iolo Labs recently sought to quantify performance improvements across several different Windows® computers after each had installed System Mechanic®. The full results, categorized by major PC component, are published here:... Read more »

Three Major Problems with Passwords Solved by ByePass Password Manager

Problem 1: Insecure passwords cause approximately 80% of all data breaches, according to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.1 Solution: ByePass With ByePass™ secure password manager, malicious intermediaries are thwarted... Read more »

Kill More Types of Bloatware with All-New Super Definitions Only in System Mechanic 17

All-new file classification system empowers iolo’s revolutionary optimization tools As Windows® evolves, one area of increasing concern is that more and more unwanted garbage (“bloatware”) is launching itself at startup, which continues to slow... Read more »

Why Must I Install the Privacy Guardian Browser Extension?

Many web browsers—including Chrome, Firefox and Opera—require the use of extensions (aka “add-ons”) for certain types of software to be compatible. Browser extensions add features to your web browser, in this case, the online privacy tool Privacy... Read more »

The Many Ways You’re Being Watched

[av_heading tag='h1' padding='10' heading='The Many Ways You’re Being Watched' color='' style='blockquote modern-quote' custom_font='' size='' subheading_active='' subheading_size='15' custom_class='' admin_preview_bg='' av-desktop-hide=''... Read more »

How is Privacy Guardian Different from Free Browser Plug-ins That Claim to Thwart Fingerprinting?

Since iolo launched its online privacy software Privacy Guardian—available as both a standalone and within the total security and performance suite Phoenix 360—some users have asked: How is Privacy Guardian different from browser plug-ins such as... Read more »

Phoenix 360: A One-Two Punch for Fighting Modern Malware

It is more essential than ever nowadays to protect your PC with real-time AV software that can block new and existing malware threats. Yet no AV engine, no matter how effective in general, is perfect.   Depending on a variety of... Read more »

New System Mechanic 16 Scans and Repairs Many Times Faster Than Any Prior Version

PC Magazine has awarded System Mechanic® their Editors’ Choice award six years and counting. And with the launch of new System Mechanic 16, there is much that’s new to keep writing home about. With a revolutionary new product framework... Read more »

Thank You for Choosing Privacy Guardian

Block access to your sensitive online data, device info and habits. Privacy Guardian thwarts online attempts to gain vast amounts of personal information based on your search history, shopping habits and more.... Read more »

The Secure Password and Credit Card Manager You Shouldn’t Be Without

In recent years many of the world’s largest companies have leaked users’ personal info, including Sony, Yahoo, Target, Home Depot, eBay, Facebook, WWE Network, Zappos, Evernote and LinkedIn. Most recently, hackers even forced the resignation of the... Read more »

Can Your PC Start Up Faster?

Age related slow down is a myth When A PC Starts Up… … a major part of its sequence of actions is to load programs and services that are configured to open with the Windows operating system. Once these startup tasks finish loading, the PC is ready ... Read more »

Fight the Root Causes of PC Slowdown with System Mechanic’s Automated Technology

The Windows operating system naturally becomes sluggish the older a computer gets, and even new PCs require optimization. Yet system slowdown is entirely preventable. Below are the known Root Causes of PC Slowdown, listed with the automated System... Read more »

3 Common System Repair Mistakes Most Pros Avoid

Mistake #1: Assuming system repair involves reinstalling or upgrading the operating system Urk! Your PC is crashing or slowing down or downright…glitchy, and you’ve just hurled a few choice words to the heavens about Microsoft Windows, but is it... Read more »

Eliminate the Top 5 PC Performance Drains with System Mechanic

Have you noticed that the longer you’ve had your computer, the slower it’s gotten? iolo researchers have identified the top 5 causes of PC slowdowns and bottlenecks: Fragmented hard drives Cluttered startup Unoptimized internet settings ... Read more »

How To Avoid Dinner-Table Tech Support

Are you the go-to-geek when it comes to solving all your friends’ and relatives’ PC woes? Save yourself some time with System Mechanic. How To Avoid Dinner-Table Tech SupportHolidays are a great time to catch up with all of the friends and... Read more »

Computer System Cleaner Secrets You Should Know

The technology inside your desktop or laptop computer is far more powerful than those cutting edge room-sized computers of 30 years ago that were run by serious-looking men in white smocks. A system cleaner for them meant completely breaking down... Read more »

Improve Windows Startup Performance

Shed unneeded startup programs for increased speed and responsiveness In extreme cases, users of heavily clogged PCs report Windows startup times in excess of 10 minutes. One of the most common complaints heard from PC users is that it takes... Read more »

The Top 5 Myths About PC Slowdown

Find out the real culprit behind poor PC performance One of the most common and perplexing issues that confront PC users of all types is why their computers seem to slow down noticeably after only a few years of use. To answer this age-old ... Read more »

Cure Stubborn PC Freezes, Errors, and More with Registry Tuner

If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from chronic computer errors, restarts, freezes, and other frustrations, System Mechanic’s reengineered Registry Tuner may be your simple cure.... Read more »

5 Tips to Increase System Speed with System Mechanic

No matter how old or new your computer is, it has several key bottlenecks that can cause system slowdown. Eliminating these problems can seem elusive, frustrating and time consuming but it doesn’t have to be. You can easily increase system speed... Read more »

Give Your PC a Complete Tune-up with PC TotalCare®

Use this one-click PowerTool™ for an all-in-one diagnosis, cleanup, and repair PC TotalCare’s combined set of computer maintenance functions can have an immediate impact on your ... Read more »

Getting Started with System Mechanic®

A step-by-step overview on how to use System Mechanic Over time and with regular use, PCs slowly degrade: slow performance, strange error messages, program lockups, crashes at the worst possible time—we’ve all experienced it. And this is why iolo... Read more »

Registry Cleaners: Snake Oil or PC Panacea?

Learn why your PC may actually run dramatically slower if you only clean the registry. Many people report advertisements for so-called “registry cleaners” popping up all over the web these days. These cleaner-programs are cleverly positioned as... Read more »

iolo’s System Mechanic Ultimate Defense™ Offers Crucial Password Security with ByePass™

Many of the world’s largest companies that consumers deal with daily have proven incapable of protecting personal data, including Anthem Insurance, Sony, Yahoo, Target, Home Depot, eBay, Facebook, WWE Network, Zappos, Evernote, Sonic and LinkedIn.... Read more »

How to Thwart Online Tracking and Protect Vulnerable Passwords

“Digital fingerprinting” is a method of identity tracking that makes it appallingly easy for online entities to examine the bits of data you leave behind on websites and figure out huge amounts of information about you, including your online... Read more »