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Thanks for being a part of the System Mechanic family

We realize you have choices in the software you use, and we appreciate your support.

If you are new to System Mechanic, please take a minute to explore the site and learn how this remarkable product can help you get the most out of your PC.

Since 1998, iolo technologies has been devoted to one mission: Keeping your PC running like new.

Our independent research arm, iolo Labs, is tasked with scientifically studying the aspects of computer performance, degradation, optimization, and repair. The breakthrough results of their research are leveraged extensively by iolo’s product design and engineering teams to ensure we are able to maintain and improve upon our #1 global leadership position in the PC tune-up software industry.

Additionally, we rely on you, our valued customer, to provide critical feedback about your experience with our products. Thousands of our customers’ suggestions have been incorporated into our development efforts over the last 14 years, many of which have represented the most innovative ideas to date.

It is our honor to take this opportunity to welcome new customers to our family, and to express our gratitude to the tens of millions who have been with us for years now.

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them!

Noah T. Rowles

Founder and CEO

iolo technologies, LLC

Some initial things to consider as you begin experiencing the benefits of System Mechanic

Tell a friend

Why keep your PC’s newfound performance a secret? Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about the #1 best-selling PC tune-up software so they too can benefit from the rejuvenating effects System Mechanic can have on a computer.

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Help make iolo’s products even better

You’ve used our products, and you want to get more involved. Below are some of the ways our customers can become active members of the iolo community and help us make a good thing even better.

Share your ideas

We pride ourselves on business integrity, responsiveness, and creating products that truly meet customer demand. If you’d like to offer some constructive ideas, suggest a product feature or enhancement, or just tell us how to best keep you as a customer, feel free to take a few minutes and complete our feedback survey.

Help spread the word

If you have a unique or interesting story to tell where iolo products helped you or someone you know in a special way, we’d love to hear about it. Your story may even be selected for consideration as a published case-study that will be read by millions of people worldwide.

Click here to complete our case-study questionnaire.

Sign up to be a beta tester

Beta testers get pre-release copies of iolo products to test and provide feedback on so that our engineers can fix bugs and implement feature requests before a product is launched. While we appreciate every request to help better our products, please be aware that software testing is dangerous work: only people who have a spare PC that can easily be recovered from the effects of unstable pre-release system utility software should apply. It’s also critical that you have enough time to perform testing and write bug reports. If this sounds like you, please follow the steps below to add your name to our pool of candidates:

  1. Create an iolo Account if
    you have not done so already.
  2. Within your Account, locate the associated Beta Testing offer and follow the link.
  3. An iolo Beta Manager will contact you if your services are needed in the future.


iolo UptoSpeed

UpToSpeed™ es la serie de artículos continuos de iolo escritos por expertos en computación para los usuarios regulares de computadoras. Cada artículo contiene muchos consejos fáciles y asesoría práctica sobre los últimos problemas que afectan a las computadoras para permitirle obtener el máximo provecho de su computadora.

Thanks for being a part of the System Mechanic family

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