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iolo’s newest version will provide an important benefit for those upgrading to Microsoft Vista

LOS ANGELES- December 28, 2006—iolo technologies today announced that it has released the new version 3 of DriveScrubber®, its popular personal security software that securely wipes data from hard drives and protects against hackers and identity thieves. The product release has been synchronized with Microsoft’s scheduled availability of Windows® Vista in early 2007. Using DriveScrubber, customers can ensure a secure upgrade path as they migrate to a new operating system.

iolo’s product can securely wipe all contents of a PC or drive when upgrading to a new computer or new operating system. The wiping procedure ensures that personal information cannot be recovered or misused in any way when discarding, recycling, or selling a computer. Director of Development Dennis Bottrell said the timing for this product launch is “perfect” given that Microsoft is soon releasing its newest operating system. “Most people think formatting their drive is sufficient to erase all data, but unfortunately, that information can easily be recovered. Our main priority with this product launch is to keep people safe from hackers and identity thieves when they part ways with their old PCs or drives before upgrading to Vista.,” said Bottrell.

In addition to erasing hard drives, DriveScrubber incorporates a new feature that can be used to regularly wipe the free space of a drive. This process permanently erases all traces of previously deleted data that still remain on the hard drive, while keeping the existing programs, files, and operating system intact.

Other important uses for DriveScrubber include recovering from system corruption or a disaster stemming from virus or spyware infection. DriveScrubber allows users to completely wipe all remnants of stubborn malware that antivirus or anti-spyware programs may not be able to touch. This process brings the PC’s drives to like-new condition before reinstalling the operating system and any preexisting programs.

“iolo’s retail sales of DriveScrubber have increased steadily over the last year showing that computer users are taking their privacy seriously,” Katharine Coble, iolo Director of Channel Sales was noted as saying. “This positive trend in DriveScrubber sales are a mix of consumer awareness and a high-quality product.

DriveScrubber offers various levels of data removal, ranging from a quick one-pass method that protects against basic data recovery tools, to more sophisticated methods that exceed U.S. Department of Defense standards and protect against advanced electron-microscopy recovery techniques. DriveScrubber is available at most software retailers or can be ordered directly at It requires a PC running Windows 98 or later. Press evaluation copies are available upon request.

iolo technologies, a privately held firm located in Los Angeles, produces award-winning utility software that optimizes and protects computers running Windows®. The company and its products are recognized worldwide for providing comprehensive and effective solutions that meet a wide range of computer needs. Since its formation in 1998, iolo has established itself as a leader in the competitive utility software market and has received numerous awards from industry analysts and the media. The company’s product line includes System Mechanic® and System Mechanic Professional®, a comprehensive suite of PC optimization and security tools; iolo AntiVirus™ and iolo Personal Firewall™; Search and Recover™, a powerful data recovery program; and DriveScrubber®, a utility that deletes data permanently, beyond all ability to recover it. iolo products are carried in over 14,000 retail stores worldwide and are also available from all major e-tailers, by mail order, and from a multitude of distributors and resellers in the U.S. and abroad.

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What is iolo's Whole Home License?

The Whole Home License® is iolo’s licensing policy that allows you to install and keep your software running on all of your compatible devices within the same home. Previously, users were allowed to install and license their iolo software simultaneously on a maximum of three PCs. Under the Whole Home License, a single activation key allows you to use your iolo software on all of your PCs, other than any PCs you use for business purposes. What you need to know about Whole Home Licensing

  • You, your spouse, and your relatives living within the same household may use the same license on any number of PCs that you own which are not used for business.
  • For full legal terms and conditions, see

To install your iolo product on additional PCs:

  1. On the additional computer, download the latest version of your iolo product. Choose from the list of downloads offered here.
  2. Follow the steps in the installation wizard, and enter the same Activation Key that you used to install on your original computer.

You can view the Activation Key on the original computer from within System Mechanic > red menu bar > key icon > Activation Key.