Top-selling PC Tune-up Maker iolo Rolls Out Significantly Improved New Version – for Free

Stronger tools and new more intuitive layout make it faster and easier than ever to fix and speed up PCs with award-winning System Mechanic software. Fresh packaging with improved software arrives in stores this month

LAS VEGAS, NV, CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW– January 7, 2008 – Today, iolo technologies announces a major update to its top-selling System Mechanic® the number one best selling PC tune up software. The update is available at no additional cost to all subscribers and current version users. Review copies are available to qualified members of the news media today at Showstoppers, Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas, booth 33A or by contacting iolo directly.

The new version offers the best of both worlds to satisfy iolo’s growing user base – one step automatic ease of use for the novice users to automatically tune and maintain their PCs for peak performance and stability plus the power for advanced users to go deep under the hood and squeeze extra horsepower out of their PCs with over 70 cutting edge tune-up, optimization, repair, and maintenance tools.

Bypassing the standard software industry practice of withholding major improvements until the next whole-numbered version is released, iolo announced that it would offer this major update to current users for free, with vastly improved product ergonomics, modernized look and feel, and an array of functional enhancements for more robust system tune-up, repair, and maintenance.

The new set of enhancements was such an immediate success with critics and beta-testers that iolo CEO Noah Rowles felt it should be shared with current users as soon as possible. “Our customers are going to be treated to a significant product advancement,” Rowles said. “With this new version, we’re maintaining our position at the forefront of the rapidly evolving utility software market, and diligently focusing on our roots as the maker of the number one product that completely rejuvenates, protects and maintains even old, tired PCs and makes them run like new again.”

System Mechanic:

  • makes old PCs run like new
  • cleans up system-clogging clutter
  • boosts PC and internet speed up to 300% and automatically eliminates slowdowns, crashes and freezes

The new System Mechanic also includes:

  • New improved UI with options for both novice and advanced users
  • An improved disk defragmentation tool, which now defrags drives up to 70% faster than before and up to 30 times faster than the standard Windows defragmenter.
  • Advancements in iolo’s proprietary low-level defragmentation functions that intelligently arrange drive contents for maximum performance and longer lasting data contiguity and disk life.

PC tuneup isn’t just for experts — the majority of computer slowdowns and problems are caused by errors, fragmentation and clutter that result from normal everyday use. All computer users, especially gamers and anyone using video-intensive applications, should frequently tune their PC.

“The new version is System Mechanic is now easier to use and more accessible to our growing market of new less technical customers, yet at the same time has power and flexibility for the hardcore PC technophiles, the people who made iolo such a success from the beginning,” Rowles said.

Currently used by millions of customers, System Mechanic consistently receives rave reviews and major industry awards, including CNET Editor’s Choice, Computer Shopper’s Best Utility of 2007, and a 2007 Editor’s Choice award from Laptop Magazine.

The new System Mechanic update goes live today and existing registered users will automatically receive the new version for free. It ships to over 15,000 retail stores this month and will be available in new packaging from sources such as Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy. It’s also available from all major e-tailers such as Amazon and, by mail order, and from a multitude of other distributors and resellers in the U.S. and abroad.

System Requirements
System Mechanic and System Mechanic Professional support Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, and 2000.

Pricing and Licensing
System Mechanic retails for $49.95 ($29.95 for upgrades) and System Mechanic Professional retails for $69.95 ($39.95 for upgrades). Both products can be used on up to three PCs. More information and free product evaluations can be found at

About iolo technologies
iolo technologies (, a privately held firm located in Los Angeles, produces award-winning utility software that repairs, optimizes, and protects computers running Windows. The company and its products are recognized worldwide for providing comprehensive and effective solutions that meet a wide range of PC needs. The iolo product line includes System Mechanic® and System Mechanic Professional®, a comprehensive suite of PC tune-up and security tools; iolo AntiVirus™ and iolo Personal Firewall™, software for Internet security; Search and Recover™, a powerful data recovery tool; and DriveScrubber®, a utility that permanently wipes data.

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What is iolo's Whole Home License?

The Whole Home License® is iolo’s licensing policy that allows you to install and keep your software running on all of your compatible devices within the same home. Previously, users were allowed to install and license their iolo software simultaneously on a maximum of three PCs. Under the Whole Home License, a single activation key allows you to use your iolo software on all of your PCs, other than any PCs you use for business purposes. What you need to know about Whole Home Licensing

  • You, your spouse, and your relatives living within the same household may use the same license on any number of PCs that you own which are not used for business.
  • For full legal terms and conditions, see

To install your iolo product on additional PCs:

  1. On the additional computer, download the latest version of your iolo product. Choose from the list of downloads offered here.
  2. Follow the steps in the installation wizard, and enter the same Activation Key that you used to install on your original computer.

You can view the Activation Key on the original computer from within System Mechanic > red menu bar > key icon > Activation Key.