3 Easy Ways to Fight PC Clutter and Slowdown

In Increase the Short Lifespan of the Average PC, we discussed what can go wrong with a PC, especially without regular system maintenance, even if you are running the newest version of Windows®.

Here we unpack two more important steps you can take to keep your desktop computer decluttered and running well beyond the drab prognosis of the average PC life expectancy.

System Mechanic® from iolo technologies has many automatic and manual features to help clean, stabilize and accelerate your system for you, so you don’t have to be a computer expert to not only keep your PC healthy, but to fine-tune many hidden settings for maximum speed for a long time to come.

1. Ditch the bloatware
In addition to programs you use regularly, chances are there are a number of completely neglected add-ons that may have come pre-installed on your computer or “piggybacked” onto programs you did install.

For a faster PC, it’s an excellent idea to remove unneeded programs in order to:

  • free up hard drive space
  • stay streamlined and organized
  • prevent freezes and crashes when duplicates compete for system resources

System Mechanic’s CRUDD Remover quickly scans your drive to identify redundant programs on your PC. For example, many people find they do not need more than one media player, and that having several can be a nuisance. CRUDD Remover lists redundant programs by function, and indicates whether or not they pose any threat to the stability of your system.

CRUDD Remover:

  • makes it easy to decide what’s safe to uninstall

System Mechanic’s Startup Optimizer identifies unnecessary programs that may be automatically launching themselves at startup, negatively impacting overall boot time and further bogging down system resources once you’re up and running.

Startup Optimizer:

  • prevents items from automatically launching when your PC boots

2. Clean out junk files and system clutter
Your PC will slow down over time in part because of the sheer number of documents, photos, media, and other files that accumulate, much of which you probably won’t miss at all.

Periodically go through your computer manually, looking for easy targets for deletion. These may include:

  • documents that haven’t been modified for over a year
  • silly email forwards and pictures that your friends may have sent
  • fliers for events that have long passed, and so on

Making this process much easier, System Mechanic’s Junk File Finder can help you ferret out obsolete and unwanted files by searching for files with criteria you dictate.

Junk File Finder:

  • lets you set file-search parameters and decide what to do with them in one easy wizard

Next, System Mechanic’s Incinerator® feature can be easily configured to work with your Recycle Bin to be sure your data is securely and completely wiped from your drive.


  • permanently erases sensitive data from your hard drive even after you have “deleted” it

3. One-step cleanup
Once you’ve manually chosen to remove a certain number of unneeded files, let System Mechanic automatically tidy up your system further by running the all-in-one tool PC Cleanup®.

PC Cleanup:

  • automatically removes temporary files and often hidden, useless data that clutter your drive, confuse the OS, and slow things down

Even the newest operating system slows down when junk and clutter accumulate. Let System Mechanic clear your computer of that unwanted clutter—regularly and automatically. And for tips to keep your hard drive running smoothly for a longer PC lifespan, click here.

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3 Easy Ways to Fight PC Clutter and Slowdown