4 Quick and Easy Ways to Customize
Your PC to Your Needs

Every computer user is different. PC vendors generally try to enable people to have some agency over their computers’ specs at the point of purchase, but your needs can change significantly over time. A new job, trend or hobby could impact your desired tech traits and even change your very definition of optimal PC performance.

Here are four simple ways that you can customize your existing PC:

1) Edit Your PC Startup Menu

Reconfiguring your PC startup menu is an easy way to increase productivity by decreasing startup time. System Mechanic from iolo technologies contains a tool that can help you ferret out unwanted program launches at startup. It even contains information about what other users are doing, to help you decide if a program is truly unnecessary to automatically prefetch at startup. The result of blocking unneeded apps is reduced computer boot time and a more responsive PC once you’re up and running.

2) Establish a Disk Defragmentation Schedule

Computer activities often involve lots of file sharing and downloading. All this opening and closing can cause disk drives to become cluttered with file fragments. Over time, these fragments can really begin to slow you down, according to SiliconIndia. After all, your hard drive performs faster when extraneous movement is eliminated. The PC performance solution System Mechanic uses proprietary technology to not only defragment data files, but also realign related program files with each other for the very fastest access.

It then speeds up writing to disk with a separate technology in order to prevent fragmentation in real time. System Mechanic does this by sending data in contiguous batches rather than in separated fragments that write to disk tediously and are slower to recall later.

3) Periodically Remove Clutter

Some users may customize their computer in the form of many exciting new programs and cutting-edge applications for business or personal use. As new downloads and updates accumulate, they bring with them extra files and software that can turn into useless clutter as the program fades into disuse or is updated to a new version. System Mechanic relies on over 16 years of in-house engineering research to fight system clutter and deliver solutions to built-in Windows flaws that can accumulate over time. These include: slow program access, decline in RAM, slow boot time, bloatware, decreased web speed, registry errors, fragmented hard drive and more.

4) Update Drivers

Hardware drivers are constantly undergoing bug fixes and security updates, making it essential to keep them up to date. System Mechanic automatically finds driver updates with its Designated Drivers feature. Never miss a driver update again, and allow your PC to stay custom-tuned to your needs even as technology rapidly changes.

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4 Quick and Easy Ways to Customize Your PC to Your Needs