4 Simple Tips for a Safer PC Experience

These days, malware and other online threats seem to lurk around every corner. There’s no need to live in fear of every move you make while on your computer, however. A safe Web experience and solid PC performance are possible if you follow some basic computing practices and invest in solutions that improve your system’s overall health. Most of these take almost zero effort or tech know-how; you can easily get the most of your hardware by being a attentive PC owner.

1. Practice Good Password Policies

Passwords are your first defense from prying eyes and malicious hackers – think of them like a moat around your cyber castle. Create strong ones that combine letters, numbers, symbols and cases. Mix them up from site to site, routinely change them for added security and – especially in the case of easily lost or stolen laptops and mobile devices – don’t let your browsers save your account passwords. If you need some help remembering your codes, there are plenty of software options available for secure password management.

2. Keep a Firewall Running

Don’t disable your firewall – if passwords are your first line of defense, the firewall is the second. Turn it on and keep it updated. As ITProPortal pointed out, Windows has one built in to each of its operation systems.

3. Check Your Background Programs

To speed up your computer and prevent programs from using your information without permission, use the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete to show all of the processes and applications that are running invisibly in the background. Close out the unwanted ones. Make a point to do a background check on a regular basis.

4. Above All, Use Antivirus Software

If nothing else, every computer should be outfitted with protection from PC viruses and other cyberthreats. System Mechanic Pro from iolo technologies combines the powerful AV solution System Shield with all the optimization tools in System Mechanic, the world’s best-selling PC performance software.

System Mechanic relies on over 16 years of in-house engineering research to develop ever-evolving solutions to built-in Windows flaws that can accumulate over time. These include: slow program access, decline in RAM, slow boot time, bloatware, decreased web speed, registry errors, fragmented hard drive and more.

System Mechanic Pro adds powerful double-engine antivirus/anti-malware protection. The antivirus software built into System Mechanic Pro has been evolving and refining its advanced heuristics for nearly two decades. System Mechanic Pro is a security solution that regularly and automatically updates with the latest threat definitions, maintaining an ever-expanding roster of specific malware signatures and suspicious behaviors to help keep your PC secure.

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4 Simple Tips for a Safer PC Experience