5 Ways to Extend Battery Life

Unpredictable battery life has long been a scourge of on-the-go computer users, who can suffer many consequences from a battery gone kaput at the wrong time. Reduced PC performance, data loss, slow computers and a lack of mobility are just a few of the potential pitfalls of a faulty battery. Like most computing elements, batteries will weaken over time. This is especially true for equipment like laptops, which are rarely switched off, and never for long.

However, user practices can contribute a great deal to the accelerated decline of a battery and there are several ways that a user can extend the life of their battery and delay the need for a replacement.

1) Shut down unused applications
Closing applications is a frequently-cited tip for extending battery life, but its more applicable now than ever as more users rely on lighter devices like ultrabooks and tablets for their personal computing needs. These extraneous applications will drain battery life quickly.

2) Run programs on a hard drive, not a CD
Programs that run off of a CD or DVD will make the computer work harder than if they’re operating from the hard drive, according to USA Today.

3) Use a disk defragmenter
Hard drives loaded with files will eventually fragment them in an effort to store them all. If the computer has to go through significant effort to locate data every time a user tries to open a file, it will increase the strain on the battery. Disk defragmentation reorganizes the far-flung files on the computer and makes it easier for the computer to retrace its steps, thereby saving on energy usage.

4) Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth
Shutting down WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use can save battery life, according to PCWorld, because these applications will be constantly searching for a network connection, even if there’s not one available. This tip is especially important for those on the road, in airports or other places where they don’t have network access because they are less likely to be able to remedy a dying battery. Turning off these constant search parties can keep business users’ batteries from dying mid-flight.

5) Use a comprehensive system management solution
System Mechanic from iolo technologies is a PC optimization solution that not 0nly defragments, unclutters, stabilizes and speeds up your PC, but also uses sophisticated technology to detect when preserving your battery life is the priority. It then undergoes a series of power saving actions like dimming the monitor and parking most processor cores, to help you obtain the longest lasting mobile session possible.

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5 Ways to Extend Battery Life