Adaptive System Protection the Only Way to Evade Malware

In the past, malware was usually developed and distributed by illicit individual agents or simply the result of pranksters showing off their coding abilities. However, the malware business is a lucrative one now, which meant that organized criminals would soon come calling. Today, viruses and malware are most often perpetrated by extensive criminal syndicates that have the organizational capacity and deep pockets to drive massive malicious campaigns, cybersecurity expert Fabrice Jaubert recently told CBC.

Advanced persistent PC viruses and malware are everywhere, and override many traditional means of preventing or avoiding them. Investing in a variety of basic anti-virus and anti-malware programs may not do the trick. Another cybersecurity analyst told CBC that many anti-virus programs are “totally useless,” and can even be harmful.

The key, then, is to find a comprehensive malware and virus prevention software system that actually works. But how can you be sure the solution you picked is the right one?

Adaptability is one of the most important features in an anti-virus and anti-spyware service, and one of the best ways to effectively fight malicious computer programs, according to TechRadar. The organizations that design malware and breach systems are constantly evolving in response to security protocols, so the only system that is guaranteed to work is one that matches malware’s ability to get smarter over time. Baked in to top malware prevention applications are tools that allow the system to recognize new threats while providing an extensive invisible shield against potential zero day attacks.

Protecting your PC from escalating threats is critical to keeping your information safe. A critical feature of iolo technologies’ System Shield security solution is its proactive heuristics, artificial intelligence that uses empirical data to identify dangerous behaviors and so neutralize not just known, but emerging, threats that have not been previously classified. This adaptability is key to keeping malware and viruses from infiltrating your files and putting you at risk.

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Adaptive System Protection the Only Way to Evade Malware