Almost 1 Million New Malware Threats Are Released Daily

Here’s how to help protect your computer from them

The latest reports from cybersecurity teams at Verizon and Symantec reveal that an astonishing number of new malware threats are released every day: nearly one million.

That number is based on the final count the security teams ultimately tallied: More than 317 million new computer viruses or other malicious software were created last year. Hackers are constantly getting faster and smarter, making it more essential than ever for Windows users to protect their PCs with the best, most up-to-date antivirus software they can find.

Yet, according to Verizon’s 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report, in nearly 90% of cases, hackers relied on computer bugs that have been around since 2002. This means that AV software with an established history is as equally important as making sure it is regularly updated with the latest threat definitions.

What AVs do and don’t do

When a high quality AV like System Mechanic Pro’s VB100-certified System Shield® is kept up-to-date, the software blocks the latest threats using both reactive and proactive threat detection.

What AV products won’t do is fix your computer once it has been malware infected. AVs work by catching threats in real time and then blocking them so your computer never gets infected. Some malware, including very “sticky” adware, will inevitably not be removed by the scan/repair process in an AV-only product.

Reactive vs. proactive strategies When regularly updated, and combined with sensible browsing habits, security solutions that deploy both reactive and proactive detection strategies are the most effective.

A reactive strategy detects viruses using published malware signature detection. But because there is such a huge volume of malware floating around the Internet today, exclusive signature-based solutions are not enough.

A proactive malware detection strategy is the second line of defense. Using sophisticated behavior-monitoring techniques known as heuristics to build a general sense of whether a given file or group of files intends to harm your computer, a proactive strategy can stop an attack before a security patch for a particular threat is written and released.

System Mechanic Pro’s System Shield is an anti-malware solution that not only deploys both reactive and proactive detection strategies, but is regularly and automatically updated with the latest threat definitions for maintaining an ever-expanding roster of both specific malware signatures and suspicious behaviors to help keep your PC secure.

System Shield offers:
  • Industry leading fast and unobtrusive virus scans.
  • Extremely small footprint. Uses minimal resources unlike the “heavy hand” of many AV solutions.
  • Proactive broad-spectrum heuristics that often combat never-before-seen malware variants days before many other AV solutions get onto them.
  • Integrated into System Mechanic for seamless compatibility and convenient updates.
  • For less than half the price of most other antivirus solutions you get superior anti-malware technology and the #1 best-selling performance optimizer.
  • A single license protects and optimizes all your home computers.

Even a high end computer that is superbly optimized can be brought down quickly by malware. While there are many anti-malware products on the market, System Shield, available only in System Mechanic Pro, is your best choice.

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Almost 1 Million New Malware Threats Are Released Daily