Are You Replacing PCs Prematurely?

Many businesses mistakenly replace or upgrade PCs too early:

  • When installing new software that runs too slowly
  • After an arbitrary “lifecycle” period
  • When staff rationalize about the impact on productivity (who doesn’t like a new    PC?)

Slowness is something most business owners just can’t argue with, but savvy businesspeople  know that any investment requires proper maintenance to maximize its useful life.

A System Mechanic TotalCare® tune up can revive your investment and keep those PCs running like new – instead of buying new computers  or wasting hours of your IT department’s precious time, so the only time you need  to replace them is when you specifically decide it’s time to do so.

PC TotalCare® performs a complete system tune up by running all PowerTools:

  • PC Repair Wizard
  • PC Accelerator Wizard
  • PC Cleanup Wizard
  • PC Security Wizard

Most modern business applications run adequately on 8-year-old PCs after a proper  System Mechanic tune-up. Plus, an office full of tuned up PCs not only runs faster,  but also helps you reduce power costs.


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