Clearing the Cache is Not Enough: Erase the Trail of Personal and Confidential Activities for Good

If you take a moment to think about all the different tasks you use your computer for, you may be surprised. Your PC is your window to email and chat messages, web browsing, online shopping and a whole host of other activities. Nearly every action you take on your computer – everything from chatting with your old college roommate to watching that video with the adorable kittens – is saved in one of over 45 locations by Windows. While this may not seem like that big of a deal, imagine what would happen if cybercriminals were able to force their way into your computer or nosy people peeked at your private details?

You may not mind someone seeing that playlist you made for a dinner party, but that email to your boss or that digital receipt from a retailer detailing your payment and shipping information is another story. It’s easier than you’d think to break in using some common tools. Anyone could simply unlock all of these details weeks, months and even years after it took place.

Keeping it private: Not the only issue to address
While keeping this information to yourself is no doubt important, it is not the only issue at hand here. Your activity could present a false picture of what your PC is actually used for. If you’ve received an offensive email or accidently landed on some unsavory search results while web browsing, it may present an inaccurate image of you and your PC usage that’s best avoided.

Secure your PC: Privacy Cleaner
When you actually take the time to think about it, removing information connected with every video you’ve played, every song you’ve listened to, every message you’ve sent and every action that’s taken place on your computer is quite the daunting task. Worry not – iolo technologies has provided the solution.

While there are systems that promise to remove this content, none do as thorough a job as Privacy Cleaner, just one of the powerful tools included in System Mechanic. Only Privacy Cleaner has the military-grade capability of System Mechanic’s  Incinerator technology to completely eliminate all traces of activity log information from a wide range of cleanup targets including all major web browsers and chat clients.

Where other systems simply put this content in the recycle or trash bin – where it can be easily recovered — Privacy Cleaner ensures this data is securely deleted, overwritten and shredded up to 999 times over, preventing access by even the most zealous hacker or forensic investigator.

One of the best parts about Privacy Cleaner is the fact that iolo technologies is always upgrading its intelligence with each new release of System Mechanic.

Leave no stone unturned. Keep your activities secure and ensure your privacy Privacy Cleaner.

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Clearing the cache is not enough: Erase the trail of personal and confidential activities for good