Cluttered PC? Optimize with PC Cleanup

Clutter: the great detriment to productivity and efficiency. In an apartment items littered all over the place make it hard to find things, function well, and complete tasks quickly. From dirty dishes to clean clothes that never got put away, apartment clutter just happens naturally over time. A computer is the same way. And, just like a cluttered room, when things on a PC aren’t first sorted for junk and then reorganized into their proper places, your PC also cannot find things, function well, and complete tasks quickly.

The result of clutter
On a PC, clutter takes the form of junk files, invalid installers and programs, cached files, internet history and other items that build up silently over time in the background. If not regularly cleaned, these files can cause your computer to work harder at unnecessary processing, slowing everything down. It’s similar to the feeling of trying to perform a task in a cluttered room – yes, you can simply push things aside, but chances are good that those piles will eventually get in your way if you don’t clear them out.

Our computers don’t have the option to take a moment to clean up and tune up. Instead, they follow our commands, picking their way through the cluttered files that have accumulated. In addition to straining the PC’s processing load, this clutter wastes drive space.

Don’t keep piling it on
As with any cluttered space, one can’t just keep piling it on. That junk that’s accumulated must be dealt with in order to speed up your PC and make the most of the available drive space. Ensuring   junk files and unnecessary litter are kept under control is essential to maintaining the good health of a computer. After all, a clean PC can run like new, so long as you know how to clean out your computer.

Thankfully, a computer clean up is much easier than you may have thought.

System Mechanic is a PC performance solution that relies on patented technology developed with over 16 years of in-house engineering research. System Mechanic automatically cleans, repairs and stabilizes Windows computers with a set of optimization tools no other software has. For example, PC Cleanup is a tool within System Mechanic that works by analyzing the level of clutter present on your computer. Once all junk files are identified, the system removes any unnecessary and temporary items on the machine in a safe manner — nothing but the clutter is affected.

iolo engineering has been studying Windows’ clutter patterns for nearly two decades.  Leveraging this knowledge, iolo identified three main ways clutter degrades performance:

• Critical indexes become bloated and slow down during file and program access.
• Useless files are included when defragmenting your hard drive, adding time.
• Hard drive space is unnecessarily reserved, causing the need for premature upgrade.

PC Cleanup is able to automatically eliminate over 50 types of junk files and regain significant hard disk space and overall system performance. Using PC Cleanup, your PC can start quicker, work faster and perform with greater reliability.

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Cluttered PC? Optimize with PC Cleanup