Creating Data Backups Smart for PC Owners

There are all kinds of bugs, glitches, viruses and freezes that can compromise a system, affecting PC performance. Often, computer owners will take their systems in to expert technicians to clean up their systems. However, before doing so, they should back up any important data. According to CBS affiliate KPHO, one woman in Arizona learned this lesson the hard way when her parents’ files were erased when getting the PC cleaned.

The PC had some bugs and viruses in it that were causing the system to freeze and an error message to pop up. Kris De Carlo took the computer into an expert to see if she could get it fixed. According to the report, all that was needed was a reinstallation of the operating system.

De​ Carlo urged the technicians to back up pictures and documents before wiping the hard drive clean prior to installation. But that didn’t happen, and now precious memories are gone.

“Pictures and documents and everything they had on their computer was gone and it wasn’t supposed to have happened,” De Carlo said.

This cautionary tale should be a wake up call to all computer owners looking to fix their systems. They should be backing up data on a regular basis and especially before performing any hard drive wipes.

Backing Up Information Can Protect Against Hackers
Having data back ups around is important to protect against thieves and computer attacks. Not having duplicate information on another hard drive could have significant implications, especially for businesses. PC​ Magazine recently discussed how crucial it can be to back up data.

For example, researchers or business people who have laptops and hard drives containing important or sensitive data could get their files physically stolen. Inside or outside attackers can enter a system and begin to erase personal or company information. Losing data either way could be extremely costly, especially if it isn’t backed up on another storage device. Not only is the original work gone, but people often have to start their research or a business plan from scratch, wasting valuable time and resources.

Companies, workers and people should be wary of the threats of data loss and do all that they can to prevent it from happening. Backing up data is always a good idea. Equally critical is installing security software to prevent malware from getting in and deleting your data. The antivirus software built into System Mechanic Pro has been evolving and refining its advanced heuristics for nearly two decades. System Mechanic Pro is an antivirus/anti-malware solution that regularly and automatically updates to catch the latest threat definitions, maintaining an ever-expanding roster of specific malware signatures and suspicious behaviors to help keep your PC secure.

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Creating Data Backups Smart for PC Owners