Free RAM and Disk Space for Maximum PC Speed

As a PC ages, users may wonder how to get the most out of components like RAM, hard drive space and system speed in general. A PC tuneup can be an effective step that helps users take back more memory, space and overall system speed.

Memory Problems
Problems like memory leaks can come from programs taking up more memory than they need. According to Microsoft, these types of memory problems can cause programs to run slowly or not at all, and make your entire computer unresponsive. They’ll also cause your system to send you notifications and pop-ups about the problem.

Users who are frustrated by memory problems may even consider buying an entirely new machine, but PCs with these sorts of problems often just require a tuneup in order to function better. There are some easy ways to clean up your computer so that it has more memory and runs faster and more efficiently.

System Mechanic is an optimization solution that frees memory trapped by idle programs in real time, right when RAM is most critically needed. It then offers a thorough deep cleaning mode that releases even more captive RAM by flushing the entire memory capacity and refilling it with only those processes that still need RAM.

Clean Your Registry
One computer clean up that can help make a PC’s memory work better is doing some registry repair and cleaner. notes that cleaning out the registry from time to time helps remove entries that are no longer useful or necessary.

It can also help with your PC security, since malware and other viruses may put part of their program into your registry to make it more difficult to remove them.

Users should be warned against trying to clean out their registry themselves, however. It contains a lot of information that the computer needs in order to function properly, and users who try to do it themselves may accidentally delete an important registry entry. Instead, consider registry revitalizing software like System Mechanic, which cleans out unneeded or malicious files, then goes on to compact and back up the registry for the best possible safety and performance.

Defragment Your Hard Drive
Another useful way to speed up your PC performance is to do a disk defragmentation. Defragmenting a hard drive consolidates files that have fractured over time through various processes, according to Microsoft. This helps free up disk space and lets the computer find files more efficiently.

Your hard drive performs faster when extraneous movement is eliminated. The PC performance solution System Mechanic uses proprietary technology to not only defragment data files, but also realign related program files with each other for the very fastest access. It then speeds up writing to disk with a separate technology in order to prevent fragmentation in real time. System Mechanic does this by sending data in contiguous batches rather than in separated fragments that write to disk tediously and are slower to recall later.

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Free RAM and Disk Space for Maximum PC Speed