How to Improve Cybersecurity Efforts

Many organizations struggle with the development of a comprehensive cybersecurity protocol. Getting everyone on the same page in an organization is often problematic even for small businesses, but in the world of cyberthreats there’s little room for error. Computer hacking rises exponentially according to the number of users and networked devices in the workplace.

A recent report by the Security for Business Innovation Council highlighted several measures an organization should take to improve its protection. Effective computer security must start at the foundational level and be embedded into every aspect of computing activity. One of the main issues, according to network security professional Eddie Schwartz, is that poor organizational practices can get in the way of IT professionals’ ability to increase awareness and fortifications within the organization, SCMagazine reported.

“Process optimization and process management doesn’t exist in the IT realm,” said Schwartz.

Schwartz said that the practice of IT only communicating with C-suite executives needs to come to an end, as it is often the actions of users lacking proper awareness, training and oversight that contribute to privacy and security vulnerabilities, according to SCMagazine. He also recommended that organizations utilize third party solutions to take care of the routine maintenance and everyday operations that have come to dominate the time, energy and budgets of IT personnel in recent years. That way, IT personnel can focus on responding to and preventing cybersecurity issues in sophisticated ways that stem directly from their company’s needs and characteristics.

iolo technologies’ System Mechanic Pro is a comprehensive computer tune-up and security solution that takes daily maintenance and oversight off of IT’s hands and allows them to devote their energies and expertise to keeping their company’s assets and employees safe.

Combined with sensible browsing habits, a security solution that uses both signature-based reactive and behavior-based proactive detection strategies will work best to protect your computer. System Mechanic Pro offers a security solution that combines both strategies to build two lines of defense to stop known threats and build a general sense of whether a given file intends to harm your computer. In addition to the award-winning AV System Shield, System Mechanic Pro gives you the full suite of PC optimization tools found in System Mechanic.

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How to Improve Cybersecurity Efforts