How to Keep Windows 10 Running Like New

According to Microsoft, as of January 2016, Windows® 10 has now been installed on over 200 million machines. With it’s enhanced, fully customizable Start menu, Cortana digital assistant, and new, completely modernized Edge web browser among many other innovative features, there is no question Windows 10 is popular and here to stay, with Microsoft promising regular updates as often as multiple times per month.

You’ve got Windows 10—don’t let it rust
The truth is, no matter how new your Windows OS, you won’t escape PC slowdown over time without optimization software. This is because even with perfectly normal everyday use, the more we open and close apps, load hard drives with documents and media, install programs and download updates, the more fragmentation and system clutter accumulate that confuse and slow down your OS.

And yet it is precisely because of so many recent, truly remarkable advancements in the way Windows operates that utilities of old will simply no longer do. Only System Mechanic® fully leverages the impressive potential of Windows 10 by deep-diving into the OS to understand what’s different, what default settings can be improved upon, and what’s now working extremely well and should be left alone.

Automatically repair errors and remove junk
System Mechanic keeps your new OS running that way—like new—with its patented advanced cleaning and repair technology by:

  • Ridding your PC of junk files and broken shortcuts
  • Removing Internet clutter and temporary files
  • Clearing browsing history and obsolete instant messaging data
  • Defragmenting, compacting and backing up the system registry
  • Locating system-clogging redundant programs and uninstalling them upon request
  • Speeding up boot time by preventing unnecessary bloatware from launching at startup

But System Mechanic doesn’t stop there. It also features real-time functions that apply customized network, processor, RAM and hard drive settings to a healthy, well-tuned Windows 10 machine to unleash maximum speed and power at the times you need it most.

Adjust hidden settings to turbocharge performance
The full suite of performance-enhancing features designed to help you game, stream, edit and more without hiccups or system lag:

  • Greatly improve over a dozen under-performing Internet settings for the smoothest streaming, gaming or browsing available through your network
  • Find and scale back resource-hogging programs that can slow you down
  • Unpark 100% of processor cores and rev them to maximum clock speed when you begin a system-taxing gaming, graphic design or multimedia session
  • Discover memory trapped by applications that are no longer using it, and free it up for the apps that need it
  • Store data to hard disk in contiguous batches, over time preventing hundreds of thousands of file fragments and making the read/write process much faster

Updated with Windows 10 in mind
Among the latest enhancements designed to complement Windows 10:

  • A new problem detection engine searches in more areas to ferret out more types of system clutter specific to Windows 10
  • Patented file realigning software has been re-architected to avoid conflicts with Windows’ new data management methodology and now completes realignment dramatically faster than previous versions
  • Rigorous lab testing on Internet optimization compelled all TCP/IP and DNS settings to be re-examined and individually re-adjusted for maximum broadband speed
  • Startup optimization tool that improves boot time is now compatible with the newest Windows 10 apps for up-to-date startup configuration
  • Newly enhanced privacy protection deploys more far-reaching cleanup of search and chat history and fully supports Microsoft Edge as well as Silverlight, Flash and Java browser plug-ins
  • Custom power saver mode is designed to complement the new Windows 10 Battery Saver power plan
  • Hardware driver updater recognizes the newest drivers and blacklists ones outdated in Windows 10
  • Unlike overly-aggressive competing products, System Mechanic’s redesigned registry cleaner recognizes Windows 10 evolving use of the registry to safely remove only unnecessary or dangerous registry clutter

Slowdown over time has been baked right into the Windows operating system ever since it was born back in 1985. So don’t make a 30-year-old mistake. Protect your new OS from the glitches, freezes and crashes associated with accumulated errors and underlying instability.

Only System Mechanic deploys a series of complex automated maintenance actions to keep your PC stable and clutter-free—and then digs deep into the powerful Windows 10 operating system to tweak a whole cache of hidden Internet, processor, memory and hard drive settings for maximum speed and performance.

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How to Keep Windows 10 Running Like New