Small Business Productivity & Security Compromised by PC Problems

A recent survey from Brother International Corporation found that 75 percent of small business owners feel that a crashed computer is more problematic than a sick employee. In addition, 77 percent said that a tech problem has negatively impacted their business by causing them to miss a deadline or opportunity. This means that a malfunctioning or slow computer is not only irritating, but can actually take revenue off the table.

This is especially problematic because many small businesses have come to rely more heavily on PCs and other technology to increase efficiency and automate critical tasks. And yet, the survey found that 86 percent of small business owners felt that productivity suffered because of technology failing to work properly. This was such a problem that 31 percent of respondents said they would give up a week’s worth of vacation to ensure tech problems wouldn’t occur in the future.

“This year’s small business survey found that technology is just as important as a healthy workforce,” said Brother Vice President of Marketing John Wandishin. “The results emphasize the importance of delivering reliable and easy-to-use products to promote a productive working environment.”

Many small businesses are investing in technology tools like software, apps and cloud computing to increase productivity, security and competitive capabilities. One slow computer fix is software such as System Mechanic Pro which repairs problems that can slow down computer systems and also protects computers from viruses and malware. While viruses and malware can slow computers, they can also lead to the loss of confidential data, stolen financial information or other problems.

Small business cybersecurity concerns

A recent survey conducted by the U.S. House Small Business Subcommittee on Health and Technology found that more than 75 percent of small business owners believe their companies are safe from hackers, reported Fox Small Business contributor Gabrielle Karol. And yet, 20 percent of cyberattacks affect small businesses with 250 or fewer employees. The results of these attacks are so severe that 60 percent of small businesses close after a breach. This is because the average cost of one compromised customer record is $214, which, when multiplied, could potentially bankrupt a small business.

“Jobs and revenue losses are not the only effects of these attacks,” explained Karol. “In Collins’ opening statement, he cited a report by the Office of National Counter Intelligence Executive, which found that billions of dollars of trade secrets, intellectual property and technology are being stolen each year by countries such as China and Russia.”

To protect your business from security holes, malware and other common PC problems, System Mechanic Pro is an all-in-one security and PC performance solution worth a look. System Mechanic Pro contains a security solution that uses both signature-based reactive and behavior-based proactive detection strategies to build two lines of defense to stop known threats and build a general sense of whether a given file intends to harm your computer. In addition to the award-winning AV System Shield, System Mechanic Pro gives you the full suite of PC optimization tools found in System Mechanic. The software will automatically fix many issues and help keep computers running smoothly, saving small businesses precious time and money.

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Small Business Productivity & Security Compromised by PC Problems