The Case of the Disappearing IT Department

As technology turnover moves at a more rapid rate than ever, many organizations struggle to reconcile optimized PC performance with IT departments that appear to be increasingly scattered. Many companies are dealing with discrepancies in generational IT knowledge, as veterans and new hires are often trained on and familiar with entirely different sets of technology, Computerworld reported.

Innovation is always something that IT departments have had to grapple with, but sweeping new advancements with significant trickle-down effects, like bring-your-own-device, cloud computing and big data storage, are changing the foundations of what information technology means. Tech experts examined these growing concerns at the June CITE Conference and Expo in San Francisco.

“Among concerns raised is whether IT is losing control as consumer technology becomes part and parcel of everyone’s work in the enterprise, and the data center is left behind,” Computerworld reported.

John Mancini, CEO of the Association for Information and Image Management, stated that the dynamics of power in many businesses have shifted, and that it is increasingly the business side that is able to dictate the control and usage of critical applications, according to Computerworld. Organizations that do not embrace the consumerization revolution may find themselves lagging behind the competition.

Future Solutions for Computer Help
It is clear, however, especially with so much new technology for business users in the workplace, that system solutions are as important as ever. Although the traditional IT department may be morphing into something else entirely, it doesn’t mean that companies can afford to abandon all of the traditional roles IT departments have played. Gartner VP Ray Wagner spoke to these concerns at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, Network World reported.

Among the issues Wagner highlighted are that basic security solutions will be increasingly ineffective, and businesses must take steps to better protect themselves, according to Computerworld. At the same time, with IT departments focused on other projects, having a system-wide solution with multiple capabilities will increasingly be a necessity. iolo technologies’ System Mechanic Pro can solve the mystery of how to consolidate IT efforts with premium performance and security solutions. It not only speeds up computers with automated regular tune-ups, it can diagnose and fix security vulnerabilities and other causes of instability and poor performance. The software is easy to use and can be implemented without much technological know-how. For businesses with shrinking or changing IT departments, solutions that adjust to new challenges are a must.

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The Case of the Disappearing IT Department