The Problem: Your “Clogged” PC

As a rule, the more programs you’ve installed, the more work your PC has to do—and installing multiple programs that run the same functions needlessly adds to this burden. But with certain redundant programs, the problem goes beyond just wasted storage space and a larger processing load; for these applications, having redundancies can overload background functioning and lead to system conflicts that slow everything down when you need speed the most.

Besides the programs you install, there’s the software that came bundled with your PC that may never be used plus any number of programs that could have installed themselves on your computer without your knowledge. A common example: new Search toolbars in your browser.

The two-click solution: Enhanced CRUDD Remover™ available only in System Mechanic® and System Mechanic Pro.

Featuring greatly enhanced and expanded real-time  intelligence in System Mechanic 12, CRUDD Remover roots out and displays even more “Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers” (CRUDD) and makes it easy to decide which programs you want to keep or remove. It harnesses both iolo Labs’ ongoing exhaustive programs and the System Mechanic user community to provide safe and clear guidance for new users and a fast fix for the expert.

CRUDD Remover

CRUDD Remover makes it possible for you to:

  • Unburden the computer system from needless processing and boost response
  • Safely prevent unexpected program conflicts that cause slowdowns and crashes
  • Revitalize your PC by freeing up hard drive space and alleviating memory and CPU demand

CRUDD Remover continually upgrades its intelligence with real-time user community reports.

CRUDD Remover is one of the powerful and unique tools found in System Mechanic that dig into your PC’s specific issues and, with continually refined intelligence, solves issues that held your PC back from its true potential. System Mechanic is not just the support you need, it delivers the experience you demand.

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The Problem Your Clogged PC