This Trick Will Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

It is the bugbear of every laptop user sooner or later: dwindling battery life when you can’t get to a power outlet. But now there’s an easy way to increase your battery power by up to two hours.

Laptop Battery Life

iolo technologies, the makers of the world’s best-selling PC optimization software System Mechanic®, have designed a custom battery saver mode that outperforms the Windows® 10 default power setting in reducing battery consumption so your mobile session lasts far longer.

Called Endurance Mode and easily launched from the System Mechanic PowerSense™ icon that appears in your system tray after product installation, this battery power-extending tool:

  • Reduces screen brightness by 40%
  • Scales back processor speed to 25% of maximum
  • Parks most processor cores
  • Reduces total hard drive spins

What’s more, System Mechanic’s PowerSense feature detects when you switch your laptop over to battery power and automatically engages this battery saving mode after your computer stays idle for an interval you specify. The Windows 10 Battery Saver Mode, by contrast, only kicks in after your battery life has fallen below 20%—and that’s not soon enough to make much difference in how long your PC can remain powered.

The power settings within Endurance Mode remain in effect until System Mechanic detects your laptop has been plugged into a charger, or you manually switch to a different PowerSense mode such as one suitable for gaming or video editing. Unlike these high-performance modes that favor system speed and power, the Endurance power plan is ideal for reading, web browsing, document creation and other low-key tasks that don’t require lots of system resources.

For times when your priority is a long-lasting laptop battery, then, always engage PowerSense Endurance Mode and breathe easier in remote settings when you are most relying on maximum battery life.

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This Trick Will Extend Your Laptop Battery Life