Why You Need Daily Computer Maintenance

Many computer users believe the answer lies in the one-time fix. It’s not hard to see why – as a culture we’re positioned to want (and expect) instant yet enduring gratification. Many prominent ad campaigns bill the product or service as a lasting panacea that fixes whatever is wrong and sustains that correction for a long time. This is especially true in the tech world, despite ample evidence to the contrary. Every new tech solution presented as the final word in some aspect of the digital landscape reliably fades into obscurity when the newest version is released a short time after.

As a user, a one-time fix would work if you never planned on using your computer again, but for those of us who expect to use our computers regularly and frequently, daily computer maintenance is a must.

While computers are good at many things, maintaining a clean, uncluttered environment isn’t one of them. They allow the temporary to become permanent, according to the Creative Collective, letting cookies and files that don’t need to be saved to remain on the hard drive indefinitely. These files build up during normal user activity and can become insidious over time, either clogging the PC and making it run slower, or obscuring the development of malicious elements like viruses and spyware.

Many programs that offer a productive service come with unnecessary or downright undesirable elements, and the performance cost of running a program can entail permitting these other components to use up memory, hard drive space and processing speed. Keeping computers running smoothly from start up to shut down means monitoring the activity of each new program, application and file and the way that they interact with other system components.

iolo technologies’ System Mechanic offers users a daily computer tune-up solution that helps ensure system health and speed over the long term with a series of automated maintenance actions no other optimization solution offers.

System Mechanic:

•             Goes to work whenever a PC is idle

•             Ferrets out clutter and redundant programs

•             Deletes obsolete files and realigns important ones

•             Keeps hardware drivers updated

•             Revitalizes your registry

What’s more, System Mechanic covers all the PCs in your home with just one product license.


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Why You Need Daily Computer Maintenance