Guide to AntiVirus for Macs

Some of us carry the assumption that MacBooks cannot get viruses, but this is not the case. All types of MacBooks can be victims of malware and viruses, as well as get hacked into. This is why it is important to protect your device with an antivirus service for Mac.

The Growing Popularity Of Macbooks Within The United States

In recent years, MacBooks have become increasingly popular pieces of technology among laptop users. Apple is becoming America’s favorite technology company, with 64% of all Americans owning an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or iPod product.
This popularity appears to be down to the advanced systems installed within the MacBook. Apple offers six different types of MacBooks. These types are MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro.
MacBooks offer respectable resale value. Research shows that a three-year-old MacBook can be sold for around 50% of the original price, in comparison to a Windows laptop which can only be sold for 25% of its original price. This demonstrates the advancements in MacBook technology.
In 2022, Apple made over 40 billion dollars in revenue from sales of Mac products. This was an increase of over 14% compared to 2021.

What Makes The MacBook Such An Impressive Piece Of Technology?

It’s important to note that MacBooks provide a high pixel density making everything sharper and more visibly appealing. This is something that Windows laptops struggle to offer their consumers.
What’s more, is that the MacBook keyword offers a scissor-switch key, making typing on the Mac extremely smooth and comfortable. With this, Mac speakers provide intense sound, more impressive than any other PC speaker. A huge factor that makes the Mac an impressive piece of technology is that the device comes with macOS. This operating system is extremely user-friendly.
In general, MacBooks are high-quality and durable devices. With the correct care, a MacBook could last you around six years.  All you need to do is take the correct precautions to protect the device, which involves investing in appropriate antivirus protection software.

How can your MacBook be threatened without an antivirus protection service?

Regardless of your MacBook being an impressive piece of technology, it still needs to be protected from cyber attackers.
Most types of threats your MacBook will face from cyberattacks will come in some form of malware. Malware can cause issues as small as unwanted ads popping up or phishing emails coming through frequently, to larger problems such as your personal data being stolen, such as your banking details or identity theft.
Let’s explore some forms of threats your MacBook could face without the appropriate antivirus software for Mac to protect you.
This type of unwanted program would be loaded onto your MacBook without your consent with the intention of performing malicious actions such as infecting your personal data.
These types of malware are designed to hide malicious activity on your device without the user knowing it is active.
Spyware is used by cyberhackers to track your activities on the web, by working secretly in the background monitoring your data.
Phishing is where criminals impersonate a trusted connection to you, such as a government business, to mislead you and trick you into offering up personal data which could be used for identity or finance theft.
This type of cyber threat will take over your device by spamming it with multiple ads and pop-ups which can track you and slow down the performance of your MacBook.
These are just a few examples of the cyber threats your MacBook could face without antivirus technology protecting your device.

How to tell if your MacBook has a virus?

Some telltale signs that your device is suffering from malware, or a virus could be:
  • Slower performance
  • Multiple new ads and pop-ups
  • Overheating device
  • Unusual behavior
  • Reduced storage space
  • Undownloaded apps or tools you don’t recognize
  • Browser redirection
  • Personal files encrypted
If you spot any of these signs, it is very likely that your MacBook has suffered from a virus attack.

Does a Mac need antivirus, and what is the purpose of antivirus technology?

Your MacBook most certainly needs some form of antivirus software to protect against potential threats. The purpose of antivirus technology is to provide additional security on top of macOS’s built-in security features.
Whilst MacBooks are traditionally far less endangered to viruses than Windows computers due to cybercriminals having developed more advanced malware systems over the years, to attack Windows devices; there is a rise in these attacker’s developments against Mac devices due to the popularity of Apple products massively growing in the US market.
Recent research has found that the number of Apple products in active use has risen from 1.6 products per US household to 2.6 products. By the same token, in the first few months of 2023, Apple shipped over 14% of all PC units in the US, demonstrating the rise of the MacBook in America and this impact on cyberattackers’ developments.

What Is The Best Mac Antivirus Protection Service?

Whilst MacBooks do offer some built-in protection, they do not provide full antivirus protection. To protect your MacBook substantially, you need to invest in a service you can rely upon to protect your device against unwanted viruses.
iolo provides a 24/7 live chat technical and repair service. If you find that you have any issues with your Mac, then do not hesitate to get in touch with iolo’s 24/7 LiveTech Support.
With this service, you can receive professional advice on, and help with malware and virus removal on Macs. This service can solve most technical and virus issues, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Invest in iolo’s premium LiveTech support service today and allow our knowledgeable support team to diagnose your Mac’s problems, and guide you on how to fix your issues. You’ll be able to get back to enjoying your MacBook with confidence. What’s great is that you’ll even be able to choose a plan that specifically fits your needs.

Why Antivirus for Mac is So Important

Whilst MacBooks have a better reputation for avoiding viruses in comparison to Windows devices, cyber hackers are now putting more focus on ways of hacking MacBooks due to their rise in popularity. This signifies the importance of protecting your Mac device from unwanted malware.
Cybercriminals are now targeting Apple devices with their emerging new hacking techniques. New malware is emerging which is unique to Mac divides such as ransomware and adware. With this in mind, it is critical that MacBook users purchase reliable antivirus software to protect their devices, as well as practice safe internet browsing.
Apple protection tools only protect your Mac against viruses and malware that Apple can identify, which make up a small percentage of actual threats out there. Therefore, MacBook users cannot rely simply on Apple’s built-in systems to protect their Mac efficiently because cybercriminals have recently upped the intensity of their attacks through developed systems.
With this in mind, third-party antivirus support is highly recommended.

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