Benchmarking Results: Even Newer Windows 10 PCs Gain Speed with System Mechanic

For over 2 decades, iolo technologies has been discovering ways to make your PC go faster, and System Mechanic® has won the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award for best optimization software multiple times.

Why? System Mechanic works not just by decluttering aging Windows machines. It also reaches deep down into the operating system to precision-tune dozens of hidden settings. Even modern Windows 10 machines benefit from this lesser known set of optimizations, as many of the new default settings routinely hog bandwidth, RAM, and processor power by running unnecessary processes and services that can measurably slow down new PCs.

Recently, System Mechanic was tested by PassMark®, the independent benchmarking organization. The results affirm that newer Windows 10 computers indeed benefit from System Mechanic optimization.

PassMark tested:

  • laptop with HDD 
  • desktop with SSD 
  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • pre-installed with common programs and browser add-ons
  • before and after System Mechanic

Here is a summary of the 12 performance improvement categories obtained from PassMark testing:

Boot Time 12% improvement 7% improvement
Browse Time 13% improvement 8% improvement
Internet Speed 1% improvement 1% improvement
Browser Load Time 10% improvement 4% improvement
Free RAM Available 7% improvement 4% improvement
CPU Usage During Idle .7% improvement .8% improvement
File Copy, Move and Delete 6% improvement 8% improvement
File Copy USB 3.0 to Disk 1% improvement 3% improvement
PerformanceTest Benchmark 0.3% improvement .05% improvement
Battery Life (laptop only)N/A 7% improvement
Disk Space Recovered 1275.32 MB improvement 1,464 MB improvement
Memory Usage During Idle
(System Mechanic’s footprint)
4.1 MB4.9 MB

These improvements were gained by running the Repair All feature after a System Analysis by System Mechanic. Additional performance gains are possible by individually running specific tools, e.g., NetBooster®, which offers manual settings to help you customize your broadband for gaming, streaming, or other tasks.

You can read PassMark’s full report here.

Whether it is unleashing memory horded by idle apps, discovering unnecessary startup items that otherwise run without your knowledge, tweaking your internet settings, or cleaning out Windows, registry, and internet junk, System Mechanic can help PCs old and new achieve top speed.

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