Did you know that one of the major causes of PC slowdowns are programs automatically starting every time you turn on your computer?

While certain programs (such as antivirus protection) should automatically start when your computer is turned on, many programs are just unnecessarily slowing down your PC. Some may be programs that you’re not using, software that you didn’t even know was installed, or dangerous files running without your knowledge—all loading every time you start your computer.

The System Mechanic Solution
Clearing out unnecessary startup settings removes this bottleneck and is one of the most effective ways to speed up your PC. Your computer starts up faster and, by reducing the number of programs loaded in memory, your computer runs faster, too.

System Mechanic offers three tools to help you manage the startup processing on your computer:

  • The Optimize Windows Startup tool uses a wizard to guide you through removing unneeded startup settings. You can choose to completely automate the removal of items from startup, or you can view a list of potentially unneeded startup items and choose which ones you want to remove.

    [TO ACCESS: Toolbox> Individual Tools > Increase Performance > Optimize Windows Startup]

  • For advanced users, the Configure Windows Startup tool lists all the items currently configured to start when Windows loads. You can enable, disable, or delete startup items; view detailed file descriptions and properties; create startup profiles; and more.

    [TOACCESS: Toolbox > Individual Tools > Manage System Configuration > Configure Windows Startup]

  • For continual upkeep, we recommend that all users enable ActiveCare to automatically remove unneeded items from startup as soon as they’re detected.

    [TO ACCESS: ActiveCare > Automated Tasks > Automatically optimize startup configuration]