Catch PC Infections Your Antivirus Software Might Miss

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iolo technologies has partnered with the FixMeStick®, a bootable USB device that quickly scans your computer for viruses and then removes them. Getting to work prior to Windows® startup allows the FixMeStick to catch those infections that your antivirus software might miss after the system has already booted.

Your Key to Virus Removal

Save time & money by cleaning hard-to-remove computer viruses with FixMeStick


Nowhere to Hide

What makes the FixMeStick unique among other antivirus solutions is its own bootable operating system that works without starting Windows. Some viruses that are already buried deep on your PC and not detectable after Windows starts are unable to hide their presence or resist removal. That’s why the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team recommends computer shutdown as the best and most reliable method for virus detection. FixMeStick is the perfect complement to antivirus and anti-malware programs for the most complete protection.

Once you plug in the FixMeStick, it searches for an internet connection, downloads the latest anti-virus updates, and gets to work scanning your computer. Once the scan is complete, it disinfects your PC, eliminating traces of harmful virus infections and other malicious threats.

Up-to-the-second Threat Detection

The FixMeStick is also different from other antivirus programs in that it’s powered by an embedded multi-scanner that combines powerful technology from multiple antivirus vendors to achieve up-to-the-second responses to the latest known viruses, worms and other threats. Using the FixMeStick is like scanning your computer with 3 different antivirus programs at once.

Ease of Use

  • Plugs into any USB slot
  • No software installation or passwords required
  • Will not slow down your computer
  • Augments the protection of other antivirus programs
  • Free North American based customer support from the makers of FixMeStick

Malware Killer box shot

Better Together

iolo technologies and the makers of FixMeStick recommend using System Shield®, Malware Killer™ and the FixMeStick together to create the most powerful team of antivirus protection. System Shield is the screen that keeps pests out while you use your PC, Malware Killer is the insecticide that eliminates pests you may have somehow let inside, and the FixMeStick is the exterminator that kills bugs and deep cleans your home when nobody’s there – together, they get you and your computer back to the fastest and safest streaming, downloading and gaming.

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