Eliminate the Top 5 PC Performance Drains with System Mechanic

Have you noticed that the longer you’ve had your computer, the slower it’s gotten? iolo researchers have identified the top 5 causes of PC slowdowns and bottlenecks:

  • Fragmented hard drives
  • Cluttered startup
  • Unoptimized internet settings
  • Fragmented and bloated registry
  • Fragmented memory

With System Mechanic, you can eliminate these performance drains and adapt PC settings for optimal performance. Your programs will launch quicker, work faster, and perform with greater reliability.

POWER TOOL [Toolbox > All-in-one Tools > PC Accelerator]
“PC Accelerator” includes all five of the most critical fixes: defragmenting hard drives and memory, defragmenting and compacting the registry, and optimizing your Windows startup and internet settings (each repair is described in detail below).

The simple, 2-step wizard provides recommendations based on your PC’s condition and then runs all the repairs and optimizations at once.

INDIVIDUAL TOOLS [Toolbox > Individual Tools > Increase Performance]
To run the specific fixes that you want, you can choose from the individual repairs in the “Increase Performance” category:

    Defragmenting drives reorganizes scattered data so that file components are stored closer to each other – the movement of mechanical parts is minimized and Windows can more quickly access and open files. The process boosts drive speed, prevents data corruption, and extends the life of drives.
    Various programs and services are set to open every time Windows loads. While some of these programs perform critical functions, many are just needlessly slowing down the startup process. Eliminating unwanted programs from startup is one of the most effective ways to speed up a PC. Your computer starts up faster and, by reducing the number of programs loaded in memory, your computer runs faster, too.
    When Windows is installed, the default settings are not necessarily optimized for your specific Internet connection – this can prevent you from reaching maximum download and upload speeds. System Mechanic’s NetBooster® technology enables the transfer of more data over your existing connection, resulting in faster and more reliable access. Many people experience increases in speed of up to 300% after running these optimizations.
    As you make system changes and your PC’s registry grows, the registry becomes fragmented and overly large. Regularly defragmenting the registry restructures data so that Windows can access what it needs faster, while compacting eliminates the bloated and unused space in the registry. The processes work together to speed program access, improve overall system efficiency, and free up vital memory.
    Defragmenting memory reclaims and frees up valuable memory, which can have a dramatic impact on speed. Defragmenting the memory can also improve the stability of your computer as low memory is a common cause of computer crashes and lockups.

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