Are you the go-to-geek when it comes to solving all your friends’ and relatives’ PC woes? Save yourself some time with System Mechanic.

How To Avoid Dinner-Table Tech SupportHolidays are a great time to catch up with all of the friends and relatives you don’t get to see very often—but at most family gatherings, the more computer-savvy among us often find ourselves spending more time acting as unofficial tech support than relaxing and enjoying holiday meals. If you’re one of these lucky individuals, read on for a few tips on how to quickly lend your relatives a helping hand with their PC problems without letting it eat up all of your well-earned vacation time.

Assess the situation

When your friend or relative asks you for help with their PC, you don’t want to say no—especially if it’s a problem that you know how to fix. However, before you commit yourself totally, consider whether or not you may be involving yourself in a long, drawn-out project.

  • Is it a problem they can solve with your instruction?  Sometimes, all that’s needed are a few words of advice so you can get your friend pointed in the right direction. For example, if their internet connection seems to be down, you can suggest rebooting the router by unplugging and plugging it in again.

  • Is it a problem that you can solve easily? If the problem with your friend’s or relative’s computer is too complicated for you to explain in a few words, you can always just take a quick look at their computer and make the changes yourself. However, if you discover that the problem is something that would take you hours to solve (and possibly turn into a recurring hassle that you now “own”), you should consider outfitting their PC with a full-service software solution that’s easy enough for novices and can resolve most computer headaches automatically as well as prevent them in the future.

System Mechanic can help you help them

If you want to help out your nearest and dearest but don’t want to end up spending your holidays and family gatherings in front of someone else’s computer screen, use System Mechanic to quickly and reliably provide the PC tune-up and repair that they need. System Mechanic is designed to recognize and automatically repair over 30,000 of the most stubborn and time-consuming PC problems—completing in minutes the kind of tedious maintenance chores that might otherwise take hours of your time.

System Mechanic’s array of over 50 integrated and easy-to-use PC tune-up tools perform a 200+ point comprehensive diagnosis of the machine, and then lets you instantly fix virtually every kind of PC problem that may be the root of slowdowns, freezes, and other headaches in just a couple of clicks. What’s more, the product is designed to be so safe and user-friendly that any PC user can operate them: so the best part is that once you show your relative how easy System Mechanic makes it to fix their PC problems, they can continue to use it on their own.

  • To resolve everyday PC headaches—like unresponsive or sluggish programs or slow Windows start-up, System Mechanic provides patent-pending optimization options that restore like-new performance. AcceleWrite™ real-time technology optimizes file write speeds. Program Accelerator™ re-aligns individual program files that have fallen out of calibration so that they start faster, are more responsive, and run more smoothly and efficiently than ever. Startup Optimizer™ speeds up and streamlines the Windows startup process by automatically deactivating unnecessary or harmful programs set to load with Windows.
  • To jump start overall PC speed and responsiveness, use System Mechanic’s Memory Mechanic® tool to reclaim unused system memory and fuel hungry programs with the resources they need. And if your friend or family member is complaining about slow downloads, a spotty internet connection, or web pages that take forever to load, you can show them how to get maximum online speed and reliability with NetBooster®—a tool in System Mechanic that instantly optimizes internet settings with just a few clicks.
  • For major system failure problems, System Mechanic offers powerful recovery tools such as Drive Medic™, which scans for and fixes serious hard drive errors that may be causing the PC to crash or freeze up, and System Troubleshooter™, a powerful tool that searches deep into the PC to find other problem spots that may be making the computer otherwise unusable.

A gift that keeps on giving

Not only does System Mechanic take on the job of doing the maintenance and repair work that would otherwise cost you hours of valuable family time, its patented ActiveCare® background maintenance technology automatically keeps your friends’ and relatives’ PCs tuned up all year round to prevent problems from recurring. At your next family gathering, all the relatives who used to ask you to troubleshoot their computers will be telling you how well their PCs have been running since installing System Mechanic!

Some tricks to keeping your friends’ and relatives’ computers running like new:

  • Enable ActiveCare® to automatically repair problems and prevent them from recurring. You can set various processes to run automatically and invisibly in the “Automated Tasks” menu accessible from the System Mechanic dashboard. ActiveCare makes sure that regular maintenance tasks like defragmenting the hard drive, cleaning up clutter, and backing up the registry are done on a regular basis, so computers stay protected against crashes and freezes throughout the year.

  • One-click tools make PC repair and maintenance easy. If a problem does arise, System Mechanic’s easy-to-use PowerTools™ makes repairing them a cinch. With just a few clicks, your friends and relatives can automatically speed up, clean, repair, or secure their PC using any one of the PowerTools from the All-In-One Tools menu.
  • iolo’s Whole Home License™ lets the whole family benefit from System Mechanic. You can install and configure System Mechanic to run on every one of your family’s household PCs, at no extra cost—so instead of spending all of your time just helping out one of your family members, you can get them all back up to speed with just one System Mechanic license.

How to get System Mechanic for your friends or family

To keep tech support time to a minimum during holidays and family gatherings, click here to download a fully functional trial version of System Mechanic for a friend or relative. To purchase a full license for them