How to Browse Privately

When surfing the web, it can be difficult to click from one site to the other and remain undetected, especially if you’re unsure how to browse privately. Even when you consent to cookies, the sites you visit and the links you click on are transformed into pieces of information stored by your computer, to be tapped into – often for advertisement purposes – whenever you visit that website later on. As a result, browsing privately can be a valuable skill to learn when it comes to protecting yourself and your data from malware, adware and other damaging infections, or incursions into your privacy by websites.

There are several ways to browse privately, including:


  1. Turn on your browser’s private browsing mode
    The simplest way to browse privately is to turn on your browser’s private browsing mode! This is also known as going ‘incognito.’ All your browsing history in this window, any cookies you click on and your search history, won’t be saved.
  2. Use Do Not Track
    The ‘Do Not Track’ request is a browser setting that can be turned on and off, and which automatically tells websites not to track your personal data. Websites will no longer send you cookies or trigger any other third-party analytics tools. 
  3. Make sure the websites you visit use HTTPS
    The ‘Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure’ encrypts all the data exchanged between your browser and a website, meaning that this information is unable to be intercepted by malicious third parties.
  4. Use a VPN
    The best way to browse privately is through the use of a VPN, like ioloVPN. The core of what ioloVPN does is rather simple: it protects your internet connection and keeps your identity private online. But, to find out more about VPNs and how to use them, read on for more. 

What is a VPN, and how do I use one?

VPN stands for ‘Virtual Private Network,’ and it obscures your internet connection through an encrypted tunnel to successfully protect your privacy online. Opportunistic hackers won’t be able to access your IP address and location, and even governments worldwide will be unable to see which websites you visit, or the data you send and receive. 

To use a VPN like ioloVPN, you have to download the software onto your computer, and that’s it! You might’ve heard plenty about free VPN apps before, and may even have a free VPN app downloaded on your phone, however, we can’t recommend these apps ourselves. 

ioloVPN is reliable partially because it is paid software, and the years of its development reflect that. Most, if not all, free VPN providers have applications that are packed with ads and filler content that can hide malicious software behind attention-grabbing pictures and links. Unfortunately, this would defeat the point of protecting your PC with a VPN in the first place. 

ioloVPN seamlessly runs in the background of your computer – or mobile and tablet, as multiple device protection is offered – and allows you to navigate the web and use apps without any interruption or stress. We recommend letting ioloVPN run every time you connect to the internet. Turning it off is inadvisable, as you may be leaving your computer and information exposed to cyber-attackers. 

Discover more about the benefits of ioloVPN beyond securing your privacy, below. 

The benefits of ioloVPN

ioloVPN can encrypt your internet connection and secure your privacy on the web, but there are other benefits to this software that go beyond the usual. For example, the customers who download this software can also benefit from anti-tracking and fingerprinting protection. Much like cookies, trackers and scripts can create a unique digital profile of you to track you across different websites – no matter how many you visit! Other benefits of ioloVPN include:

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – If you no longer wish to use a VPN, or want to try other software, ioloVPN has a 30-day money back guarantee so you don’t lose out on your purchase. 
  • Multiple Device Protection – Up to 5 devices in the home can be protected on one software, from computers to mobiles and tablets. Protect everything in your house, and browse without worry.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth – You’ll have unlimited bandwidth with ioloVPN, alongside super-fast, stable connections whether streaming or working as a result.
  • No Logs Policy – We don’t log or participate in data collection. We simply show you the status of your current connection, and how much of your data we’ve encrypted.
  • Ad-Free – Because ioloVPN is a paid software, we don’t support ads and are completely ad-free, which adds an additional layer of protection when it comes to using our VPN. There’s zero risk of malicious software infecting your computer. 
  • 24/7 Customer Support – If you have any queries or questions about ioloVPN, or require additional advice on how to use the software outside of the guide, we happily provide live support 24/7, connecting you with real people who have the experience to address any technical concerns you might have. 

As we’ve explored above, the benefits of using ioloVPN are varied. Still, we highly recommend protecting your PC in other ways, too. Whilst a VPN encrypts your internet connection, it can’t stop you from clicking on suspicious links or falling for phishing scams and devious hackers. When browsing the web, always maintain a sense of awareness – only click on reputable websites, avoid accepting all cookies (even if the VPN protects your data!) and thoroughly vet any third-party links you find on a website before clicking them. 

For your peace of mind, iolo provides a range of other protective software ideal for securing your computer – find out more about our System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense bundle.

Get in touch with a member of the iolo team, today

Using a VPN for the first time can be a new experience, but a freeing one. There’s no more stress or hassle about the websites you click on, and you don’t have to worry about cookies or trackers, or any sort of data collection! At iolo, we have devised a reliable VPN that our customers can trust wholeheartedly, and it is a valuable tool that can be left to run in the background of your PC, as a weight lifted off your shoulders. 

For more information about ioloVPN, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the iolo team today. Rest assured; we look forward to hearing from you.

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